If your business website does not incorporate a blog you are losing sales, you’re losing opportunities and you’re website isn’t featuring in the search engines as well as it could. Not only can blogging build a business, it can also become a profitable business in its own right. Blogging isn’t hard to understand, it’s basically writing articles and creating content about a particular topic of interest, based on the niche of the business and the specific focus of the website.

Blogging Allows you to Tell Your Businesses Story

Blogging is a simple way to tell the story of your business through case studies, historical information, and by sharing data. Your audience will love to hear how you got started, why you started and the problems you have overcome to succeed.

Blogging Establishes Expertise

If you want to be perceived as a leading expert in your niche just write and post articles in your blog on a regular basis. If you can blog three to five times a week or more about your niche you’re obviously an expert. If you think you can’t do it, that writing this often is too hard, it’s not and it’s just a habit you have to adopt to succeed and I know, I’ve been blogging daily for more than a year now, and I have been known to blog twice daily so no excuses.

Blogging Attracts New Clients

Blogging about what you do, why you do it, how you solve your target customers problems, how you do it, your customer service stories, etc… all go a long way in generating new customers. Even if you feel that you are sharing all of your secrets, everything you know on your blog, your audience members who need the work done will still hire you. It’s actually beneficial to share everything you know, your competitors know it all already and your audience will trust you better and use your products or services as a result.

Blogging Improves Your SEO

Search engine optimization involves many factors, but the most important one is on page keywords that help search engines index your blog so that it attracts your target audience. This is one of the main benefits of blogging in that if done correctly your blog will feature within the search engines and this will allow people to easily find you when searching. To demonstrate this, this website https://website-designs.com has over three hundred pages ranked on the first page of Google under various keyword phrases, this generates tens of thousands of visitors to this website each month. Best of all these are not random visitors but visitors interested in what we do.

Blogging Allows you to Find Your Business’s Voice

As you talk about new products, services, or other issues within your niche, you are also creating a voice for your business that will carry it forth to new customers. If you’re excited about a product or service, your audience will be too. If you’re serious about it, your audience will be too. It’s all in word choice.

Blogging  Allows you to Interact with Your Audience

Too many people think of a blog as being static, when in effect it’s a lot like social media. When you allow people to comment and provide feedback via various social media channels, it gives you a chance to interact with your audience based on the topic of your blog post. Use these opportunities to get feedback and even for new product and service ideas.

Blogging Uses Limited Resources Wisely

Unless you’re a large multinational business you will have a limited marketing budget, and by blogging you are using that budget wisely, simply based on the potential returns you can expect on your investment. Blogging isn’t a short term game, it’s a long term marketing strategy that works as the blog post you post today will still be working for you a year or more from now if you plan and write appropriately. It’s all about momentum and once you establish this, blogging gives an amazing return on investment.

Blogging Educates Your Audience

Your companies blog is an awesome way to educate your audience about your business, your services and how best to utilize them. You can share your audiences’ problems and educate them on how your solutions solve their problems. Plus, it’s simple and easy to push news out regarding special offers and solutions you want to offer.

Regular blogging will help build your business faster than almost any other activity you can do, it can work for businesses that sell just locally or for those marketing to a much larger market. It’s equally of benefit to bricks and mortar businesses and online ones, although to be far online business do have the edge. One you understand who your audience is, you will understand what they want to read, and then just blog as often as possible and even though it might seem slow at times you will built momentum in your business and your blog as a result.

Eight Reasons to Start Blogging for your Business
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