Content is king online, for both informational and promotional purposes. With so much competition online, you need to create better content than ever before. Fortunately, there are a number of tools that can help.

Microsoft Word

This should be your starting point for all your content. Use the spell checker and grammar check to produce writing that is as close to error-free as possible. However, in terms of grammar, Word is very limited compared to what it once was. The good news is that several other tools are available that can help ensure your writing is polished and perfect.

Grammarly –

Grammarly, as the name suggests, checks grammar and spelling. It is a free extension to the Google Chrome browser. It is easy to use and can be used in relation to all your writing, including emails and social media posts – not just your blog content.

It quickly scans your work and spots errors. Even better, it explains what is wrong, helping you become a better writer as you learn from your mistakes. Treat Grammarly like a second person proofreading your work, and you should produce better content than ever before.

Hemingway –

The Hemingway app can be downloaded to your desktop or a range of other devices. It color-codes your errors in terms of correct usage, but also makes suggestions in reference to style. It scores your work on the basis of readability by American grade level, such as 6th grade. It also make suggestions as to the use of adverbs, passive case, and sentence length and style. Use it in conjunction with Grammarly, and you will have writing that is both correct and well-written.

After the Deadline –

After the Deadline is a free open-source program available for personal use. It offers spelling, grammar and style checking. It works in Firefox and Chrome. It will also work with Open Office documents and Window Live Writer. It will integrate with WordPress and various plugins to help create a seamless experience if you are composing directly on your blog.

Ginger –

Ginger is free, downloadable software that works on any device, desktop or mobile. It contains a suite of tools which include:

  • Grammar checker
  • Spelling checker
  • A dictionary
  • Sentence re-phrase, to help you tighten your writing
  • A read-back feature, so your writing can be read aloud to you
  • Translation – 50 languages available
  • A personal trainer to help you improve your writing skills

1Checker –

This is a free service that can be integrated into Word and Outlook. You do have to sign up for a free membership, but once you do, you can check grammar, spelling, and more. It also has a suite of free templates so you can be consistent with the presentation of your various forms of writing, such as business letters, and more.

ProWritingAid –

This is great for writers and editors, especially if you allow guest bloggers at your site. The basic version is free, subject to certain limits each month. It will check grammar, spelling, style and more. It can be used on any device. The premium version of the services gives you unlimited access for one low annual fee.

It also contains a plagiarism checker, ideal for vetting contributions from other writers. You can buy a package of plagiarism checks, or add on unlimited checks per month as part of your service for only a slightly more expensive fee. If you plan to generate large amounts of content and create an authority blog in your niche, this service could be just what you’re looking for.

These days, sites, blogs, and authorities in their respective niches, live and die by quality content. Use one or more of these tools, and make your content shine.

Editing Tools for Error Free Content
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