You don’t have to create all of your content totally from scratch. Content marketers repurpose content. What this means is taking old content and switching it up somehow to create something original. It’s basically dressing up old content in new clothes.

Why Repurpose Content?

The main reason we repurpose content is that it saves time. Repurposing is a content creation shortcut. Creating your own content takes a great deal of time, and repurposing allows you to get more miles out of the content you’ve created.

It’s also true that most content can be repurposed. Last year’s tips on how to clean your house naturally are still good this year. This is what we call ‘evergreen’ content because it’s not connected to a certain time. It’s always useful for your readers, who may enjoy the content more in a slightly different format.

Ways to Repurpose Content

There is an endless number of ways to repurpose content. You can recreate old content by rewriting articles or taking the same information and presenting it in a new way. You can do this by keeping a list of templates into which you plug in your ideas or information.

You can also repurpose across platforms. Text-based content can be made into a video, a slideshow or an infographic. It can be turned into social media updates, talking points for a podcast or interview, or a webinar or other presentation. Likewise, all of these types of non-text content can be turned into text articles.

Original Content?

But is repurposed content really ‘original?’ After all, you’ve just taken old content and dressed it up in new clothes.

Repurposed content is original if done right. The way to do it right is to change it enough that it’s different from the original content. Repurposing content doesn’t just benefit the content creator, but also their audience because it presents the information in a new way that they may prefer. For example, some people prefer watching videos to reading.

Content Marketing – 10 Tips For Multiplying Your Content

Easy Content Creation, What Is Repurposing Content

Easy Content Creation, What Is Repurposing Content
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