There are lots of ways to earn money from the videos that you create, today we’re going to look at just one, which just happens to be one of the best which is to create transcripts of the videos and to then repurpose this content in some manner.

Content Centric Advertising

If you use AdSense or some other forms of contextual advertising, which basically means that the advertising service scans the content of your web page and serves the most appropriate advertisement. Posting videos may not be the best way to trigger the right adverts to show up on your website. If you post the transcript directly under the video it will help the search engines pick up the correct search terms and post the most relevant advertisements.

Sell Sponsorships for Posts

You can sell sponsorship packages that you mention during your video and that also are used within the transcript of the video. Charge more for adding their graphic to your transcription of the video, than you charge only to be in the video alone.

Turn the Transcripts into PLR

People are hungry for content, so allow people to use the transcripts of your videos as PLR. This works really well if you’re also promoting something that your affiliates are providing. Giving them the permission to use the transcripts as their own can go far in increasing affiliate income.

Make It into a Free Report

If you have some affiliate products which you can add to the transcript such that you can recommend various products or services that relate to the transcript, then you can give something away for free that is monetized within it.

Turn It into a Kindle Series

Transcribe the video and add to it as required, to make it into a small book. If you have a series of videos, this will work very well as you can have a series of books. Give the first away and charge a low fee of about 99 cents to $2.99 for each book in the rest of the series. You can double up on income if you include affiliate links and other offers within the book.

Make YouTube Videos More Searchable

If you have a lot of YouTube videos, you can improve your viewership and make more money if you get them transcribed, upload that transcription to use as closed captioning, and also post the text below the video to help with search engine traffic. Try using to help accomplish this task.

Convert Transcripts into Articles

For longer videos you can transcribe them, break them up and add extra content to it to make them into individual blog posts or articles. Post these articles alone with still images from the video. You can even post the video again if you want to enable your readers to get more information.

Use Transcripts as Membership Content

Memberships are a great way to earn money, you can add transcripts for all your videos, for premium member content and for those who would rather read than watch a video.

Repurposing videos with transcripts is a great way to earn more money. You can take what you have already done and turn it into multiple different forms that can earn money in its own right and best of all, it helps you maximize your returns as each piece of content works in its own right.

Earning from Video Transcripts
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