Developing a Content Marketing MindsetWhen I first got involved in marketing we used to utilize all of your typical push marketing methods however as technology has developed so has marketing and so have people’s expectations. Nowadays if someone wants to find out something, wants to research a purchase or even find a supplier what do they do? They go online, today marketing is really all about online content. It doesn’t matter what type of business you have, online marketing is going to be much more lucrative than offline marketing.

Think about that for a moment, then add in the impact of social media and people asking their friends online for advice on what to purchase and where, on top of that people seek out reviews and testimonials and all of this helps them with their purchasing decisions. Whether you have an online business or an offline business, the following advice will help increase your sales exponentially.

Use Content Marketing to Build Your Credibility

You can’t develop a content marketing mindset unless you actively use content marketing to build up your credibility. So start posting content to your blog regularly, publish white papers, write an eBook and participate in your chosen social media platforms to ensure your reputation grows and that you are well represented online. I personally love to use Twitter and LinkedIn and as such I am extremely active on these platforms, I also blog daily, run various in person events, I’m interviewed and quoted almost weekly and I am invited to speak at events all around the world. This all comes from getting active and building your credibility.

Seek Out Thought Leadership

If you get active, chances are you’ll figure out pretty quickly who the thought leaders are in your industry, getting to know these people can actually rub off and you can soon be perceived as a thought leader. Find and follow thought leaders in your niche, comment on their blogs, retweet them and offer donated original content and my favourite is to interview them, either for a blog article or better still for a podcast or video. I know of some very mediocre so called experts who have built a solid business doing nothing more than this, the secret is to do whatever you need to become part of their inner circle, so that others perceive this as making you a thought leader.

Understand Your Business and Your Niche

Whilst doing this you also need to learn everything you can about your niche and your business. You need to know everything there is to know about it, inside and out and you need to continuously study and learn as things are constantly changing. That way whenever someone asks you a question, chances are you will be ready with a good answer that makes sense and is a true representation of what you do and what you stand for. As an added bonus you’ll also have much more to say in your blog because you’ll know more and you’ll popularity will grow.

Become a Strategic Publisher

Learning to think like a publisher is essential today in the online marketing world. I suggest you develop your own publication calendar which will go far in helping you know what information you’re going to share with your audience, when and who it is supposed to engage. Your publication calendar can match events, product launches, and your sales funnel with content to maximise results. By planning your content in advance from day one you ensure all of your content has a purpose, all you need do then is measure the results to see if this is achieved. Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t and constantly, rinse and repeat.

Develop Your Own Online Space

You cannot be any sort of content marketer if you don’t have your own website, this is the center of all your online activities. Think of it like this, your website is at the center and acts as the hub, from this you have spokes going out that represent your social media channels, guest blogging, etc… the purpose of these is to engage your audience and guide them to your website. The more relevant, useful and enlightening content that you can publish on your own website, the more links you will attract, the better your SEO will be, and the better for your audience.

Oh for those that think you can build your own kingdom using someone else blogging platform, ask yourself why you would build such a kingdom on land you did not own and did not control, do the wise thing and build it on your own real estate.

Remember You Are in Control

Sometimes, as a business owner it can be hard to remember who is in control. But, if you can accept that you’re in control of your own business and your own destiny, you’ll have a better chance of successfully developing and following through on your ideas and goals.

Build Your Email Lists

One way to remain in control is to always be building your email lists. Your email lists are the difference between success and failure when it comes to online marketing, the money as they say is always in the list. Use subscription opt-in forms, offer eBooks and provide value so much so that your audience cannot refuse. Use your list then to build relationships and to provide value and information to your audience.

Build Communities

Another way to build relationships is to build online communities through your content marketing. Using your content, lists, and social media platforms to build a community is an essential component of content marketing today. This means you have to share yourself, your opinions and engage your audience, answer their comments on your blog, on your social media and even by email. Because just producing content isn’t enough; you have to push it out to your audience, and engage them at every opportunity.

Finally, every business needs to accept that content marketing is an essential element of marketing today, no matter what business you are in. You can either develop your own strategic content marketing plan or we can develop one for you, in fact we can help with all aspects of your content marketing, it’s what we do and what we’re extremely good at.

Developing a Content Marketing Mindset
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