If you want to be successful with content marketing and specifically copywriting, or know how to identify good copywriting it’s imperative that you stay up to date with current copywriting trends and best practices. Things change so fast with new technology, that what was popular yesterday may be irritating today. If you stay up to date with copywriting trends you’ll avoid having those problems. However as with most sales and marketing activities the basics never really change and provided that you do these well, you’ll always write effective copy that will be engaging and attractive to your audience.

Know Exactly Who Your Audience Is

No matter what you’re doing in your business, creating products, marketing or writing copy, it’s imperative that you know who your audience is. You must know and understand your target audience inside out and you should write your copy specifically for this one person. Seek to know your target audience better than they know themselves so that you can not only create awesome and useful products for them, but also so that you can create copy that jumps out at them and pulls them in.

Understand Your Subject Matter

If you want to really write engaging copy that pulls people in you need to really understand your subject matter otherwise it will show and people will know you’re faking it. Extensive study of the subject you want to write about, as well as your target audience is an important part in creating effect copy that converts readers into customers.

Tell Your Story to Build Brand Awareness

Your audience is interested in you and wants to know about your story, weaving your story through all of your copy is a good way to connect with the reader as well as making your copy truly unique. It’s important to realize that when we say “your story,” it’s really their story, too. Remember to tell the story in a way that remembers that it’s about them, this is extremely important as it helps readers relate to your story.

Craft Bold Headlines to Grab Your Audience

Headlines for articles should not be puns, or tricks, or do anything but explain what the article or blog post will be about when they click through to read it. The headline however needs to hook the reader in, grab their attention, and make them want to click to read, but it should not be deceptive as all that will do is increase your websites bounce rate. Creating effective headlines takes some measure of talent and understanding of the audience and subject and as with all copywriting the more you do it, the easier it gets, especially if you monitor the headlines that get the most clicks.

Provide Value to Your Readers

Long gone are the days of short, generic copy that provides no real insight to the readers, your copy should feel valuable to the reader all on its own. It should feel to the reader as if they have already received something really awesome and generous before they even buy something. They’re going to be more likely to become customers and buy if what they’re reading for free, is of value to them.

Copywriting Trends Content Marketers Need To Note.Discuss Benefits over Features

It’s still about them, and it will always be about them and not about you. Nothing will ever change that, no matter how good you are at whatever it is that you do, you need to tell your story in a way that makes it about the customer. You’ve heard it before: “benefits over features” make that your mantra and you’ll reap the rewards.

Write Longer More Specific Articles

A few years ago the trend in content was to create lots of short posts, however today a new trend in content is to create longer, more detailed pieces. Your audience is much savvier today than they were and technology advances are moving at an astounding speed and you much keep up. Because your audience is much smarter, they need more information than they ever needed previously to make good, informed decisions.

Hire an Expert Copywriter Who Knows Current Copywriting Trends

If you feel you can’t produce copywriting that is effective and speaks to your audience in an intelligent way, either due to lack of skill or lack of time, consider hiring a copywriting expert. Today, brands have to not only produce their products and services but they also have to become publishers. If you can outsource this aspect of marketing, you’ll be able to focus on what you do best while still creating converting content that generates results.

In fact, hiring an expert such as FX Digital to manage your content marketing has the added benefit in that not only can we provide content, but all content is search engine optimized to maximise results and if this is coupled with our social media packages then some truly remarkable results can be generated.

By keeping aware of what with copywriting trends, along with the newer trends such as longer copy and hiring the specialist experts, will help ensure that you have more success than you ever thought possible. If you aren’t getting the results you want from content marketing it’s simply because you haven’t hit the publish button enough times, simply keep hitting it until you are successful.

Copywriting Trends Content Marketers Need To Note.
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