Microblogging sites are a great way to promote your business. A microblog is a site like Twitter or Tumblr that acts as a social media site which allows you to blog but limits the length of your posts. Microblogs typically only allow posts to be between 140 and 200 characters, which means your message has to be short and to the point.

These platforms are great for engaging customers because they don’t force people to read long posts. Instead it does just the opposite and gets people’s attention quickly. Let’s take a look at ten ways your business can use these microblogs to succeed.

Give Away Free Stuff

If there’s one thing you will have learned already when it comes to running a business, it’s that people like free stuff. Asking a question in a post and telling people that whoever responds with the best answer will win a free product is a great way to get people talking. Your followers will keep adding answers to the post in hopes of getting something for free.

Update At Least Daily

No one is interested in a business that isn’t in tune with their own customer base. If you’re going to use a microblog you need to make sure to keep people up to date with what your business is doing. Make sure to update your microblog every day and ideally multiple times per day, it will give people a reason to come keep coming back.

Joint Venture Promotions

The best thing about microblogs is that businesses are all very accessible. Promoting your business is a lot of work and it might be beneficial to you to team up with other businesses who are looking to get their name out there. Offer to promote their business if they will promote yours.

Run an Advertisement

It might not be the most creative way to get attention but it’s certainly one of the most effective. Advertisements will always attract attention and microblogs such as Twitter or Tumblr allow you to run ads that are custom fit for your budget.

Reach Out to Celebrities

You would be surprised at how easy it is to talk to celebrities on microblogs. Just about every celebrity has a Twitter account these days and contacting them isn’t an impossible task. Asking for a retweet from a famous person with a lot of followers could go a very long way when it comes to promoting your business. If you can ask the right person the right way, you’ll find that this is very achievable.

Run a Contest

A great way to get people involved is to run some sort of contest. Maybe your business needs a new logo. Run a contest asking people to design your new logo and give the winner some sort of reward. This is sure to get quite a few people involved.

Ask for Feedback

Thanks to microblogs and social media you can now be connected to your customers more than ever. Don’t be afraid to ask them for suggestions on how you can improve your business. This will get a lot of people involved and will also build loyalty and trust between you and your followers.

Allow Guest Posts

Guest posts are a great way to get some attention. You could either have someone from a different business guest post on your microblog or maybe even allow one of your followers to do it. Getting a different voice on the blog could get different people involved.

Ask People to Repost

As a business, you rely heavily on word of mouth from your customers to get your name out there and microblogs are no different. Asking your followers to kindly repost your content by retweeting it could go a long way when it comes to helping you reach new people.

Post News

If you can’t think of anything to post about, don’t be afraid to post some news. Current events will always get people talking so don’t be afraid to get involved.

Microblogs are a great way to get more attention for your business. These simple tips could get your business a lot of attention in a short amount of time. So to get the word out there, get started today because let’s face it getting started is always the hardest part for most people.

Creative Ways Your Business Can Use Mircoblogs
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