No matter what content you are creating, be it content marketing, social media marketing, blogging or something else, it’s beneficial and pretty important to try and say things that not only engages your audiences but that they also find worthy of sharing. But how can you ever hope to know whether or not what you are saying is valuable enough that your audience want to share it?

Know Your Audience

You have no doubt heard about the importance of knowing your audience, in this instance this is because it’s simply not a good investment of your time to create a bunch of random content with no real point to any of it. It doesn’t matter if it contains all of your SEO keywords, if it’s not interesting to your audience that are not to read it, watch it and be engaged by it, or much less share it. This is why knowing your audience comes into play, know who they are down to what they worry about and what problems you can solve for them, and you’ll be able to create lots of content that is unique and of lots of interest to them, that they want to share with others.

Find Your Unique Voice

Outside of what you share, it’s how you share it. You have your own unique voice that you need to find, no one is interested in someone that sounds the same as everyone else. The only way anyone can be memorable on their own is if they let what’s different about them stand out and be seen. This can be a little harder to do online, but it can be done, just look at what makes you passionate about your niche? What drives you? What do you believe in? How can you show all of this in what you share with your audience?

Learn to Create Great Titles

The titles you create for blog posts, videos, everything matter a lot in terms of what people share, however you need to avoid clickbait titles, as no one likes clicking on a title and then finding out they have been duped into clicking something or sharing something.

Clickbait is a title that sensationalizes what you will be talking about in a way that makes the person who clicks through feel deceived. There happens to be a lot of that going on right now, including with well-known news channels, and it is hurting everyone and in my opinion the sooner it stops the better. No one likes being tricked. Don’t do that to your audience. Include a keyword and be direct in your title about what the reader/viewer will get out of reading or watching.

Make your Audience Curious

A good headline, will tell your audience what you’re going to tell them and why it’s so important. This will make them curious to read more and go further to ingest your content and see what you have to say. This is called “the hook” in the business. But, in reality it’s just a way of saying that you say something that is important enough to them, for them to keep reading or watching.

Create Easily Digestible Content

If you create videos, keep them short and on topic, no more than three minutes is the suggested length for most videos. If you write content, make it chunky with a lot of bullet points and sub-headings. This makes it easier for people to digest. You want people who use your content to understand it. When they understand it and it touches them, they will share it more often.

State Your Source

If you got ideas from someone else, state it, using sources only boosts your credibility. If you can back up something you say with evidence, people will be much more likely to share the content that you are putting out there because they will also trust you that you’re not making it up.

It all Comes Down to Value

Remember that your audience members who consume your content want engagement and ultimately value. They want to find answers to problems and solutions that they can put into practice as soon as possible. They don’t only want to be entertained, although that in itself is a certain type of value. They want solutions.


If you’re not sure how to get results and what you’re doing isn’t working, consider outsourcing to get some help. Find someone who has the right credentials and/or results to show that they know what they’re talking about when it comes to the type of marketing you are doing. If in doubt speak to me, if I’m free I might take you on as a client and if I’m not I’ll try and point you in the right direction.

Finally, stop creating content just for the sake of creating content, there is a multitude of content on the Internet and sadly much of this is simply noise that gets in the way of quality content.  By applying these simple rules to every piece of content that you create, will help ensure you only put out the best; don’t put out mediocre content and share your own opinions because let’s face it, your opinions help define what is unique about you. Put out interesting, valuable and shareable content every single time and expect and expect extraordinary results.

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