Every single business needs to be active within the content marketing arena and that means every business needs a blog, and that blog needs to become the businesses website. When you create a blog one of the first things you’ll need is an abundance of content. You’ll need content for each page of your blog such as the about us page and all of the other typical business website pages.

You’ll also need to create a constant supply of content and newly updated information flowing through your blog, so that eventually and it is a long term strategy, your pages start to rank you at the top of the search engines.

Study and Understand Your Audience

It’s imperative that before you start creating content, you understand who your target audience is. You need to have answers to the following questions as this is how you’ll know what content to create, as well as how best to engage your audience.

  • Problems: What problems or issues do your best customers have that they dedicate time, budget and energy to solving?
  • What does success look like: What does success look like in the eyes of your target audience, this could be revenue growth, or personal development such as a promotion?
  • Road Blocks:  What could prompt your target audience to question whether you can help them achieve their success goals? This is where you begin to uncover the hidden objections such as office politics, prior experience with a company likes yours, a lack of trust, etc.
  • Purchasing Cycle: What process does your target audience follow in exploring, evaluating and selecting a solution that can overcome their perceived road blocks and achieve their success goals?
  • Decision Making: What will your target audience think about the products offered by your competitors? What aspects will they like, find useful, decide are better than your own, worse than your own? You should aim to find this information out from those that purchase from a competitor and those that decide that no solution is right for them.
  • Online Hangouts: We all use the Internet and we all have our own habits, you should aim to find out where your target customers hangout online, do they use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or do they like visiting blogs or discussion forums. This information tells you were your content can be best promoted to attract your audience.

Understand Your Niche

You need to understand your niche, let me repeat that you need to really understand your niche, so that you can write and educate your audience all about it. You’ll need to create content that is entertaining, engaging, informative, educational and that encourages your audience to interact with you.

Know What You Want to Promote

Understanding what you overall strategy is and what you want to promote, helps you understand what you are trying to accomplish with each blog post. Do you want to promote a product or service? And is it your own or someone else’s? How does this product or service solve problems that your audience has? Can you educate them on the problem as you promote the solution?

Decide What Forms of Content You’ll Need

Your audience may need beginner type information, or they may be more advanced audience members within your niche. Knowing this allows you to choose the most suitable form of content to engage your audience, be it educational, conversational or interactive in some way. Once you understand your audience you can create content for all stages of the sales funnel.

Choose Which Types of Content You Want to Use

The backbone of a content marketing arsenal is the blog filled with written content as this is the stuff that feeds the search engines and helps generate organic traffic. You should however try to create as many types of content as you can, text, video, infographics and audio to keep the interest of your audience. Not only that, you need the refine the process and use the type of content that search engines like, such as medium to long form text posts, video and more.

Create an Editorial Calendar

You’ll find it a lot hard to succeed with your content marketing efforts without a plan of action. Create an editorial calendar to help you keep your content creation process more organized and more effective. You can always add in more content as real-time news stories develop and issues occur. But by having an editorial calendar you’ll have an outline of the types and forms of content you’ll use for promoting the products and services they you have.

Find Help

If you’re not sure how to move forward with your content marketing, you can contact me and I’ll help you to work out the best way forward. In fact I’ll prepare a content marketing plan, based on my experience that you can use as a blue print to move forward with. Alternatively you can contact other content marketing experts, writers, and others to help you to get things moving forward. Having a plan and then implementing that plan will ensure your success with creating content for your blog.


Once you have things set up correctly and you are creating momentum it’s your task then to keep it going. Blogging or content marketing is a long term marketing strategy that you must keep doing if you ever want to succeed. To put this into some form of perspective, blogging daily you will not see any real traction for four to six months and often blogs are considered established until at least a year old. The rewards for those that keep hitting the publish button until they find success, is tremendous and long lasting.

As everyone involved in content marketing knows, creating content for your blog needs to be something you do on a regular and ongoing basis, once you have a schedule you have to stick to it because your audience will get used to it and will anticipate new content at such times. Creating blog content becomes easier over time, when you first start blogging a blog post might take a few hours to create, as you become more experienced both in terms of writing and also as your niche knowledge increases you’ll find that it takes less time and your content starts to take on new forms. This article is intended to help you get started with your blog content creation process and should you have any questions, comments, etc… simply leave them in the comments section, below.

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