When I was taught how to market and sell, everything was focused on your target audience and trying to connect and engage them in the places they hang out. Well, today that means social media as everyone it seems is hooked on social media. In your content marketing endeavors you will therefore need to create content for social media.

Social media content is any content that you will use for promotions, on your chosen social media platforms. It might be an introduction that you post with a link to a blog post or video, it might be an infographic or a meme to reinforce or to get your point across. Creating content for social media promotion should be an important part of every businesses marketing strategy.

Plan Ahead

I don’t know what it is, but it seems to me that most people totally forget to plan ahead with regard to social media content, adopting instead an aha that is interesting I’ll share it approach… for both their own and other people’s content.

This is a mistake, if you create a blog post, for example, then you should create a tweet, a Facebook post, and other blurbs for whatever social media network that you plan to share the information on. By thinking along these lines you will maximize the results of all the content you create, while touching your audience across multiple social media channels.

Add the Content to Your Content Marketing Calendar

Within your content marketing editorial calendar include your social media content. If you know for example that in July you’re going to promote a new service, a new product or an event you are hosting, then you should also plan for the social media content you need to use in that promotion, both leading up to the launch and during the launch.

Create Images for Social Media

Images are an awesome form of content, which you need to create for better social media engagement and sharing. Images are much more likely to be shared than text and an image accompanying a tweet will always get more engagement that a simple text tweet. This added engagement is well worth the added effort as images are in my opinion that important. In addition to a supporting role, you can also use images on their own, just use a variety of images as content, like infographics and memes, this will increase shares and engagement.

Outsource It

You can use your content marketing calendar to get help creating social media content with experts. These experts can help you create infographics, memes and a with a copywriting expert they can also help you craft just the right words to use for your content supporting your promotions, products and services.

Share Content More Than Once

Creating content and not promoting it is a little like holding a birthday party and not inviting anyone to attend. It’s imperative that you promote the content that you create and you need to promote it, more than once.

If you think of a freeway with cars on it, you have a fast lane, a middle lane and a slow lane, this is how social media works, as each social media platform has its own timeline (freeway lane) and people using it see only content when they are looking, when they are not this content is constantly moving further and further away. Social media platforms such as Twitter you can think of as the fast lanes as content shared here is only viewable for a short period of time, whereas on Facebook this will be much longer.

All this means is that you should ’s share the same content with new blurbs and a new spin on it, several times if not more as this will increase the view rate exponentially and as more of your audience get to see it.

Conduct A/B Split Testing

Often called split testing, you want to see at what times, headlines, and topics get more attention from your audience than others. As you collect this data, you’ll soon know exactly what time is best to share any updates with your social media followers and what information to share for the best results.

It really is a matter of just checking your numbers and working out what does and what doesn’t work and when it works and why, this information and the gathering and analytics of it are what set the professional content marketing expert apart.

Target Each Social Media Audience

Every single social media platform has its own personality, and just a portion of your audience that follows you and engages with you will be found on each social media platform. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that the content you create for each platform is exclusive to that platform and deals with the particular platforms nuances.

Create Content Often

Anyone serious about content marketing understands that you need to create content to a schedule because your audience learns your schedule and anticipates the content that you create. Social media marketing is no different, you should ideally have content for every single day of the week, and dependant on the platform multiple times per day. This can seem like a lot of content to create, but it all stems from the basic message you want to get across to your audience based on your promotions.

Creating content for social media will be a large part of your content marketing creation program. It will help ensure that the products, services and information that you need to communicate to your audience gets the attention it needs.

Creating Content for Social Media
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