Creating Content for Different Stages of your Sales FunnelI have a friend on LinkedIn who is a prolific publisher of content and during a conversation the other day I was surprised to find that he had no real content strategy and to all intent and purpose is simply posting article after article with no real purpose in mind. Hence this article which should start to help him, get some traction.

Chances are you’ve heard that anytime you create content it’s important to know who your audience is, however you might not have thought of them as people who are new to your information, those middle of the road audience members who know you and you’re advanced audience group. As you write various types of copy you will need to address the needs of these different levels of users based on their awareness of you, your products and services.

New Audience Members

When writing copy for someone who has no idea who you are, knows nothing about your products or services, the copy has to educate, inform, engage and inspire them. The types of copy you may want to write for a new audience member are informative and educational like white papers and how to type articles. You want to tell a story that weaves in your why with your audience’s why, while at the same time educating them. Because always remember, it’s all about them and nothing about you.

Middle of the Road (Intermediate) Audience Members

You will also need to create content for people within your niche who know about you, your products and services, these people will generally know why they need your products or services although they won’t have actually purchased anything yet. They have done their research, understand their needs and know what will solve them, and now they are trying to decide who exactly will, fill these needs. If you want to be the person that they buy from, you will need to explain why you are the right person for the job.

Advanced Audience Group

Finally, you’ll also need to write copy for those who have already purchased from you. If you want to increase the lifetime income of each customer, this type of copy is very important too, especially as these are the people that often recommend you to others. The type of content you will write for these people makes assumptions about the knowledge they have about how great your products and services are, as well as the next thing they will need. It assumes they trust you due to the prior purchase, and it assumes they know their problems and that you have the solutions. You simply need to offer it to them in a manner they understand.

Types of Content to Create

You can write content in all its forms for any stage of prospect awareness, but the words that you use will be different.

New Audience Members

You should aim to word everything from an educational mode without being condescending. A great way is to use how to articles, infographics and educational auto-responder emails and e-courses to help your new audience members learn about the problems they share with others, the solutions that exist and why yours is perfect for them.

Middle of the Road Audience Members

These audience members have all the knowledge and just need to receive reassurance, as well as proof that your solutions work. They know that they have a problem, they know about all the solutions that exist, so now you have to show them how your solution is the best one for them. You can do this via testimonials, case studies and stories that demonstrate your products and services effectiveness.

Advanced Audience Members

This content is all about getting your current customers to buy from you again and to get them to recommend you to their friends. You can accomplish this by sending them information about new products that you offer. But a better way is to engage them, about how they use the products they have purchased. This will not only remind them of how well made and perfect your product is, it also automatically instills trust about other products and services. This is why trip-wire marketing is so effective, as you use a low cost product to make them customers and then engage them to purchase more expensive better solutions.

Creating content for people at any stage of the purchasing cycle takes an understanding of your audience as a whole, as well as your products and services in general and in particular. You’ll need to be able to create regular content for each stage, and then be able to break it down clearly for anyone at any stage… and remember to focus on all audience members.

Creating Content for Different Stages of your Sales Funnel
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