If you think about it, any business having a presence online should know that nothing is more important than the content it shows its audience. Yet, despite this importance, there seems to be a certain amount of confusion about what content is and even if quality content really matters.

In this article we’re going to address both of these issues. We’re going to look at exactly what content is and isn’t. We’re also going to talk about what makes good content. Finally, we’re going discuss why quality content is so important to your online marketing efforts.

Let’s get started with a definition of content. In some sense, content can be anything you want it to be. Words, pictures, graphics and videos are all examples of content. Yet, why are they content? Well, if you are doing online marketing you are, by definition, online. This means you have to have some sort of presence on the Internet where people can find you and your goods or services. So, to have a place where people can find you, you need a website. A website is the virtual equivalent of a physical address. If people need you in the real world, they come to your home or place of business. If people need you online, they go to your website.

If you have a website, you can’t very well leave it blank, can you? This is where content comes in. Content is what you put on your website to get people interested in what, in essence, you have to offer. If we, once again, think about your website as a brick and mortar building in the real world, the content on your website is the equivalent of a product that you’d stock on your store shelves to attract customers. Content, like products, attracts browsers and browsers equal potential sales. The more people that you can get to browse, the more money you will eventually make.

It’s important to remember that there is no real difference between the virtual world and the physical world. The motivations that effect people online are identical to the motivations that effect people every day in the real world. The online world is not an alien place where the laws of marketing and sales have no effect. The same tactics and strategies that you would use in the real world to attract customers apply with equal force online. So, just as you would offer your customers the highest quality when it comes to product or services in the physical world, you need to do the same thing when marketing online and this starts with the content you use to engage, attract and market to your audience.

Content: What it is and Why it is Important
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