Content marketing is one of the most important skills you can master online, if you think about  it content drives subscribers and sales and helps build your brand. The trouble is, you need a lot of content to build and maintain a successful website or blog. This being the case, there are various methods smart business owners use to get the content they need to keep growing their business strategically. Outsourcing content creation is one of the best and most affordable options.

What Is Outsourcing?

Content outsourcing refers to hiring a helper to provide the content for you. It is commonly referred to as ghostwriting as well, with you putting your name on a book you’ve had input into but someone else has written (and perhaps also edited) for you.

There are many freelancing websites available with talented writers offering their services. The question is, how do you decide who to hire? It is also a question of when to hire them, and how much you can expect to pay – especially if you have a small budget.

Here are a content outsourcing tips

Why Outsource?

If you are not a good writer, or are spending too much time creating content and not enough doing all the other things you need to in order to run a successful business, it’s time to outsource. If you do not have the skills to create certain types of content (such as video), or it takes you too long, outsourcing is perfect for you. Other types of content to outsource which require certain skills are anything that requires Photoshop, PowerPoint presentations, and infographics.

Communicate Well

Don’t expect them to read your mind. Write out a script or instructions, or give the outsourcer a couple of examples of what you would like them to create for you, and they should be able to do the rest. Be responsive if they ask any questions.

Make Sure Your Contract Offers At Least Two Revisions

Some outsourcers will charge for revisions. That is a poor “take it or leave it” attitude on their part. Guaranteed revisions mean you can change things without paying more.

Who to Choose?

This is perhaps the hardest area… I’ve tested places liver and I’m yet to have a successful experience. The best tip I can give if you want content created in English select someone that speaks English as their native language, similarly with Spanish, Arabic or whatever language. If I wish to outsource content creation I tend to use those people and companies not based in third world countries and I often use companies in the same city/country as myself. This is of course based upon my own personal experience, others outsource wherever they like and generate some sort of results.

As with all business decisions of this nature, each outsourcer should have a portfolio of their work, or a link to it. Read their reviews and see if they have any badges or other items which indicate they are a professional and don’t be afraid to ask to speak with an existing customer about their experience.

How Much Will You Pay?

Fiverr starts at $5 and can go up to $50 or more depending on the detailed nature of the project. You should see ratings and reviews about the outsourcer and also check to see how many tasks are in their queue. The best workers will get booked up ahead of time, so you might have to wait a couple of weeks.

Upwork uses a bid process. The cost usually starts at around $60. Be sure you are very clear about what you want people to bid on, and put in a code word they need to use in their bid to prove they have actually read the assignment.

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Content Outsourcing Tips
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