Every single business should have a blog and this blog should be part of your website, not hosted elsewhere, in fact I would go far as to say a blog is essential in today’s content marketing world. Your blog is your main focal point, the center if you like of all your content marketing efforts and that is why it must be on your website, because your website is the one thing that you own and control. If you think of your blog as the engine, then blogging is the fuel that drives that engine on your journey to online success. Without the knowledge to ensure blogging success, you’re simply shooting in the dark with your blog posts hoping something sticks and gives you traction. Miracles like this do happen, occasionally but you are an awful lot more likely to have success if you understand what you are doing and are following a plan.

By having your blog setup correctly, which normally means installing Google Analytic you have access to a wealth of information you can view and study. Viewing your numbers will help you to do more of what is working and less of what isn’t working for you.

Your numbers will tell you how many people are visiting your blog, how they came to you, what they are reading (interested in) and much more. You can determine through your stats how many people landed on your website and simply bounced off to another website without sticking around to read more. Plus if you use Google Analytic correctly you can figure out how many visitors you’re converting to subscribers and how many of those become customers.

Here are some of numbers you’ll want to look on a regular basis:

  • How Many Visitors – This tells you the visitor numbers to your website (check unique visitors), it’s a great indicator if your content marketing is working or not, but do remember that content marketing takes a while to really kick in and start delivering (4-6 or more months). If your visitors are steadily moving upwards then your content is working and attracting people to your site.
  • How Many New Visitors – Knowing if you’re attracting old or new visitors is important as this helps you to understand if your audience is growing as your circle of influence grows.
  • Where Do Visitors Come From – This is an extremely important metric, because if you have more visitors coming from one particular source, Twitter for example then you can put more effort into that, than say Facebook which isn’t delivering many visitors.
  • How Many Repeat Visitors – Having visitors that come back to your website time and time again is a great indication of you having content that your audience really want. If you have a low repeat visitor count, you may now be converting new visitors into fans with your content or you are simply attracting the wrong audience, either way it is something you need to know about and take action on.
  • How Many Visitors Bounce Off – Every blog will have some people that land on the site and bounce off, but if you have a super-high bounce rate, it can be a sign of poor audience targeting.
  • How Many Visitors Hang About – Look at how many people hang about and read your blog posts, and what they’re reading. Simply create more content of what they are reading and less of what they aren’t.
  • How Many Visitors Comment – Engagement is also a great sign of good social media marketing and if you don’t have enough people commenting, do what you can to get more, even if you don’t answer a question fully and ask your audience for suggestions.

And the two most important numbers of all:

  • How Many Visitors Subscribe to your Lists – One of the main reasons to drive people to your website or blog is to get them to subscribe to your email list/newsletter. You need to do whatever is required to collect as many targeted subscribers as possible. Why, because it’s this list that will help you earn repeat website and blog visitors and where you’ll get our customers from.
  • How Many Subscribers Convert to Customers – The other number that is essential to know is how many of these subscribers convert to customers. This will help you know if what you’re doing is working in the way that you expect. Do however understand your buying cycle, you’re not going to sell a plush new house as easily as a dollar item, so understand what it takes to get people to convert… and for those high cost items, consider trip wire marketing.

If you don’t know all of this information, I suggest you get inside of your Google Analytic account and take it for a spin because it’s it’ll be hard to know if what you’re doing is working. If you really want to make your business succeed online and exceed expectations then looking at these numbers, understanding them and then responding to them with appropriate action can make all the difference between success and failure.

Content Marketing Why Knowing Your Numbers Matters
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