Can you remember reading a well-crafted piece of content by a content marketing professional who knows how to write in their own voice, you will have noticed something special about the tone and the flow of the words? You can feel the passion, the self-expression and the clarity in what they are trying to convey.

Have you ever watched a video, a feature film for instance and had almost shed a tear by the emotion felt, have you been moved reading an article, a book or listened to audio, I know I have and this is because the people that create such content have found and understand how to craft content with their unique voice. What most people don’t understand is that this is a skill that anyone can learn all it takes is lots of effort and work to find your unique voice.

As a content marketer, you might be wanting to know how to find your own voice, because the content you create will engage your audience much better. Here are a few ways that are to help you.


If you find a topic that you are passionate about, this will help your unique voice shine through. If you love to go fishing, don’t force yourself to create content about online marketing. Try to think about a topic you can talk about for hours and hours, even if you wasn’t being paid, because that’ll be the topic you are passionate about.

It should be about something that gets your blood pumping just by talking about it.

I understand that you cannot be passionate about everything you might need to create content for in your content marketing career however you might be surprised to know that some people are fortunate to make money from the things they are most passionate about.

Let your passion be the starting point of finding your voice, if at all possible.

Self Expression

In my opinion most people seem to be afraid to express themselves. Everyone has an opinion, it’s the one thing that really makes content uniquely your own. Be bold and share your opinion you’ll turn some people off, but then you can never please everyone, but it will attract your target audience and turn many into raving fans that shout your content from the rooftops.

Content Marketing Finding your own Unique Voice

This is how you build a true following, because you will never really connect with people if you are trying to please everyone and as a result pleasing almost no one. Be yourself, be natural, casual but express yourself and let your passion shine through.

Content Marketing Finding your own Unique Voice

Impact or Content Needs a Purpose

There is a massive difference between content that is created for the sake of content creation and content that is created for a specific reason. Your audience can definitely tell the difference. When you create your content, try asking yourself two important questions: Who would I like to help with this content? How much impact will this content make in someone else’s life? Or what is its purpose for existing?

If you really know who you want to help and what you want to achieve this will show in all of the content you create. Incorporate your voice and your opinion and you’ll create a loyal audience that grows as you share more and more of yourself through the content you create.

You audience can’t just point to you or your voice and tell you whether you’re good at it or not. Your voice is your content’s vibe, it’s how you present everything and how you incorporate the things you want to say. A great voice creates that sense of loyalty, cuts through barriers and creates followers and a community. A weak voice will never attract an audience and your content will never engage anybody.

Finding your voice does not happen overnight, it will take time, practice and patience. The best tip I can share with you is to just be yourself, too many people try to pretend to be somebody they aren’t and others see straight through this. So be yourself, share your opinions and practice the things we have discussed and of course blog regularly and you’ll soon be successful in your content marketing goals.

Content Marketing Finding your own Unique Voice
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