Link baiting” is a term often used to describe one of the best and most effective forms of link building and despite having earned something of a bad reputation, it’s nevertheless an extremely powerful tool when used ethically.

What is Link Baiting?

Link baiting is the process of creating content that is designed to attract or generate organic leads from your audience. In other words, it means that the content you create is so good, or of interest to many people, that your audience will automatically want to post it to their social media pages and send and mention it to their friends.

This way, instead of asking directly for blogs to publish your links in order to build your link profile with the search engines, you are instead relying on it to happen naturally by creating great content and ensuring optimum conditions are present to encourage it.

In the past this strategy has often generated a bad reputation as it carries the assumption that you are trying to manipulate people into giving you links, and often website owners have created spam type content with the hope of getting it shared, this form of link baiting is very transparent and shouldn’t be carried out. Despite the connotations of the term, the creation of great content that naturally attracts links, is exactly how Google wants you to build your links: organically.

What Kind of Content Encourages Links?

So the question you should bow be asking is what type of content constitutes ‘link bait’?

Link bait should of course be high quality content that provides real value to your target audience. That’s the most important thing because if someone comes away from your site feeling that it didn’t offer them anything of use, then they’re hardly going to feel moved to share it.

By getting people to share your content on blogs, on forums, on Twitter or on communities like Reddit, this is a more important, from an SEO perspective than getting shares on some social media platforms and for this reason, you want to try and think about the type of content that gets shared on these platforms and to create more of this.

One specific type of content that fits this specification is the ‘resource’ type blog post. If you can provide a useful resource or a definitive overview, then your audience will refer others to your site when trying to explain a concept. Another example is content that makes a point that people are passionate about, by having your blog posts used in debates is a fantastic way to get free promotion (and no publicity is bad publicity as they say). Likewise, things that genuinely help people with a specific problem might also get passed on as those people will want to share the help they received. In other words, just solve the problems and concerns of your audience as you are supposed to with content marketing and you will naturally attract links and improve your search engine optimization.

Try to be creative, think outside the box, share your opinion and keep improving your content, that’s how you use content for link baiting purposes.

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