You have heard it numerous times before but… “Content is king,” and you must have lots and lots of it, published on a regular basis that is both unique and original. But if you are like me, sometimes you miss a few key points, so let’s explain a few key content marketing questions which are especially important when creating content for SEO purposes. You need to ask a few key questions before creating all that content.

What’s Your Point of View?

All of the content you create and publish, on and off of your website and blog, should describe your own particular overall point of view. Some people call this “finding your voice” but whatever you call it, you need to be able to string your copy together and see a point of view that develops as you read it.

Does the Content Resonate?

Your content should speak to a specific segment of your audience, you do know who your audience is don’t you? And you have segmented it? Each time you create content it may be aimed at a different segment, but you need to know so that the content you produce resonates with the right people, at the right time, in the right place. If you want it to be effective and really engage your audience.

Does Each Piece Have a Reason for Existing?

When I started content marketing, you could almost throw up any type of content on your website or blog and as long as it had the right keywords in it, it would bring search engine traffic. Today, context matters. If you have no reason to publish that piece of content, then don’t publish it, search engines as well as audience members are pretty smart nowadays.

Is the Content You’re Publishing Worthy?

Create content that is stupendous (don’t you just love that word?). Don’t publish content anyplace for any reason, that’s not targeted, informative, interesting and engaging. Otherwise no one is going to read it and you are wasting your time. In other words, don’t publish content that’s aimed simply at good search engine placement, instead publish content for your audience members.

Is Your Content Visually Pleasing?

Include font faces, graphics, images, and plenty of white space in your content to make it easy to read and pleasant to look at. But, ensure that those additions are also relevant to the reason why the content exists. These additions should push the story forward, not confuse the issue in anyway.

Are You Mixing Up the Types of Content?

Don’t always use the same format or form of content. For example, include videos, short blog posts, long blog posts, case studies, “how to” information, memes, infographics and more. The more types of content you include, the better you can tell your story and promote your products and services.

Are You Telling Everyone about Your Content?

One of the most important aspects of content for SEO purposes is the fact that you have to promote it to get views. You can’t just publish it and expect people to find you. Yes, search engines will send you traffic, but you also need to share and promote your content on social media, in email messages, and more. To demonstrate the importance of this, I tend to promote the content on this website via Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, this is simple and easy to do and it really helps drive traffic to your website.

Are You Distributing Your Content?

Outside of your blog and website, you need to also publish elsewhere. Write an eBook for Kindle, publish white papers, put slides on LinkedIn, and create guest articles and blog posts. You want more people to see your name, link to your blog, and learn about you and your offerings.

Understanding why you’re publishing content is important. Yes, you want to increase traffic. Yes, you want to get more page views. Yes, you want more sales. But each piece of content should have its own reason for being existing. That one piece of content may be designed to educate your audience, or it may be designed to make a sale. Each piece of content has its own reason for being, and that’s something you have to know in advance and that means before you create and publish it.

Content Is King for SEO but Know the Point
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