I’ve heard people talk about content now being king anymore, especially on those social media platforms we all use, however in my opinion content and by that I mean original content is and always will be king, or if you prefer the key to the door that leads to online success.

Whatever your own views are the fact remains that content plays a critical role in business and especially online, without content there would be no newspapers, websites, video’s and the who knows if the Internet would even exist because when I started using it, it primarily consisted of numerous discussion forums which if you think about it, are nothing but user generated content. Content is to put it bluntly, what makes the world go around.

Let’s have a look at what content can do for you, shall we?

Content Builds Loyalty and Trust

Unless your business is a dollar shop, your online business isn’t going to be built with people visiting your website for the first time and making purchases. No business is built on first time visitors, well none that I know of.

Businesses start to earn when they use content to attract an audience and then to engage and build trust with that audience. This is why every business needs a blog, the content contained in a blog turns an otherwise dead website into something that not only attracts a business’s target customers but it also engages them, educates them and build trust and leads to sales.

It also turns customers into repeat customers and then it turns them into sources of continual referrals… a few simple to understand tips.

No Blog = No Regular Content = No Trust = No Sales

Blog = Regular New Content = Attracts Visitors = Builds Trust = Generates Sales

No Work = No New Content = No Traffic = No Sales

Work Hard = Regular New Content = Attracts Visitors = Builds Trust = Generates Sales

Can you see a pattern?

Content and Search Engines

It has taken Google years of hard work to perfect its search results so that they bring up the most relevant information from a search query, their goal being to give people searching the best and most relevant content possible.

Google also just happens to be one of the biggest, most profitable business in the world, it employs some of the brightest people on the planet. Now is your business as big? As Profitable? As technological savvy?

So why do business owners think that they can have a website that is never updated appear on the first page of Google for anything other than a company name search? It doesn’t matter if it has the best search engine optimization in the world, a website that is little more than a dozen or so pages is never going to rank well within the search engines and no matter how you try and manipulate the content you will never outsmart Google. You only have to look at how Google has repeatedly downgraded the value of low-quality links whilst upgrading the value of usage statistics and other metrics that measure the content of websites.

Building your website with a decent understanding of basic SEO and pairing it up with a blog containing great content will guarantee results and your website will flourish. But if all your attention is directed towards SEO and you don’t give much thought to content then you might as well pack it up now. You will not thrive when you don’t focus on creating awesome content because Google is a content delivery business and you simply cannot outsmart it.

Content Allows You to Sell High Ticket Items

Low quality content websites might be able to sell $0.10 clicks trough AdSense. But high quality websites can sell $5,000 television sets in record speed. Why? Because great quality content will allow you to build tight relationships with your audience. This relationship will allow you to sell countless number of things as well. From high end items, recurring memberships and even one on one coaching, it all starts with good quality original content.

Over time, only content that helps and educates people will last. This is why content is still king and will always be king and it’s why you need to focus your marketing efforts on content creation.

Content is and Always Will Be King
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