It takes a great deal of time and work to produce a steady stream of high quality content. You can easily get stressed and start to feel burned out. Aside from the usual stress reduction techniques (exercise, meditation, music or whatever else works for you), there are a few ways you can reduce the stress of your content creation.

Slow Down

If you feel overwhelmed, maybe you’re trying to produce too much content. It may be a sign that you need to slow it down. Try reducing the amount of content you’re publishing in your editorial calendar and give yourself a break.

Eliminate the Work

There may be certain types of content or marketing channels that aren’t bringing you results. These can be eliminated. Look at your analytics and see which types of content are under-performing. For example, you may find that you’re not getting much response to your podcasts while videos are performing well. You can drop podcasting from your editorial schedule.

Content Creation Shortcuts

You can reduce stress by taking advantage of content creation shortcuts. Use templates for repurposing old content into new. Buy private label rights content that you can simply rewrite rather than starting from scratch. Use automation tools for scheduling and publishing.

Get Help

Finally, you can eliminate the work from your desk but still get it done by outsourcing. Hire a content creator who will take your ideas and run with them, creating the content you’d like but don’t have time to write.

Content creation can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be. When you start to feel like it’s too much work to stay caught up, use the above tips to make it easier on yourself.

Use an Editorial Calendar to Work Ahead of your Publishing Schedule

If you are using an editorial calendar as I do, you should aim to work ahead of your publishing schedule and by this I mean if you publish one article each day, work a week ahead of schedule. By doing this on the days you feel like writing you can easily knock out three to five articles and build your forward article base up and on those days when you feel like doing nothing, you can take the day off, take a couple if you like. This is how I produce content, I write, I purchase content that I edit and repurpose content and I use an editorial calendar as this allows me to take the time off that I need, whilst also keeping to my schedule and that means I don’t suffer from bloggers stress.

Content Creation Madness, What to Do When You Get Stressed
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