As a business owner or digital marketer I’m sure you’ve spent hours creating the perfect content for your sales landing pages or even your website, however you fail to attract any visitors to these pages because the search engines just don’t value the content you have created. However by simply changing the wording a little can result in a huge difference to your visitor numbers and sales generated.

Commercial or Sales Type Wording

This type of language is persuasive, and all about making the sale. There might be some niche related keywords in it, but not a large enough percentage to give it a top spot on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

One way around this is to not just list the features of the product you are trying to sell, but the benefits as well. Why is this feature so important, useful, time saving, money making, and so on?

Focusing on the “pain points” or problems a person has in relation to your niche, and showing that your product is the best solution they need, can usually provide enough quality keywords. Then it’s just a case of strategically placing your call to action (Buy Now button).

Information Marketing

Information marketing gives useful free information to your target audience that they can use. It builds trust and serves as a sample of what your prospective customers can expect if they buy something from you.

It can also provide a context for making a sale without you having to market heavily to them like a used car salesman. You can add a simple further reading section at the bottom of your article or blog post that links to products and services you are selling that are related to that topic.

You can also say, “Learn more about NICHE TOPIC”. Use the exact niche. Don’t say “click here”. Keyworded links will give you more credit with search engines like Google, and will boost page rank.

Social Media Postings

Social media is a great way to drive free traffic, but most marketers misuse it because they are too commercial in their language. A good ratio of information versus promotional postings is six days of info, one day of promotional material.

Having said that, you can position yourself as an expert in your niche by creating pages or groups linked to your niche, or joining them and posting regularly in those areas. Again, think intelligent expert, not pushy salesperson.

Aim for Authority

Everything you publish should position you as an authority within your niche; that is, someone who knows what they are talking about and are therefore worth paying attention to. If you are an affiliate selling other products related to your niche, be sure they are high quality and put together a nice little bonus for anyone who buys. Have them email their receipt in order to get your bonus. Then put them on a separate customer list to see what other items you can try to offer them.

Try Writing Advertorials

Advertorials are a combination of ad and editorial – that is, content. A familiar example might be the infomercials on TV. Experts give a demonstration or discuss problems related to a certain topic. The item they are trying to sell will supposedly solve that problem.

You can create an article, blog post or video that is content based, with just a small amount of marketing. Again, the genuinely useful information given will give a context for them buying a paid product, without you having to do a lot of hard selling.

Don’t Neglect Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to build a relationship with your target audience. Don’t just mail them offer after offer, though. Advertorial emails will usually work better than sales-letter types of emails. In addition, regular quality emails will make readers eager to hear more from you, and look out for your emails each day. This can boost your open rate and lead to more traffic and sales.

As with everything you do online, test your wording and see what a difference it can make to your search engine positioning, traffic and sales.

Commercial versus Informational Wording When Creating Content
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