Coming up with video topics for your video marketing efforts is easy if you have a website full of content, because one way to do this is to find out what topics are already popular on your website. What pages gets the most views? What pages get the most audience interaction? What blog posts get the most questions and comments? This information is extremely important because any time you have topics that are already popular on your website, they will generally end up as extremely popular videos.

Install Google Analytics

You will need to have some form of analytics on your website in order to know which blog posts, pages, etc. are getting the most traction with your audience. Most people tend to use Google Analytics to figure out what your website visitors go to first, which page they entered on, how long they stuck around, whether they visited some of your other pages and a whole lot more.

Understand What a Red Hot Page is

A red hot page is a page is one that gets the most views on your blog. In addition to just views, find blog posts that get the most comments, likes and shares. Read the comments to find out what people your audience is sharing as this is a good way to determine what videos to make, to fill their needs.

Make a List

Using a spreadsheet make a list of your hot blog posts, with links, notations on visitors, likes, discussion notes and so forth. Use this list, as your starting point for coming up with video ideas.

Create a Video Creation Calendar

From your list, create a video publication calendar that makes sense with your current and future promotional ideas. You don’t want to make videos without knowing what your goals are (more sales, more newsletter sign-ups, etc…).

Repurpose Blog Posts

If you have a popular blog post simply turn it into a video. Your script is basically the actual blog post. You just need to determine how you’ll show it visually, and how you might either cut it down to a smaller and shorter point or expand it so you can go more in-depth about the topic.

Start with a How to Post

If you have any “how to” blog posts, start there. They are super easy to transform into videos; you can even make an explainer video with a how to post that will really impress and engage your audience.

Fill in the Gaps

If you notice you have some hot pages, read through these blog posts. If you find information gaps in a blog post, even if it was popular, make a video that fills in these gaps, and then link to the video under the original blog post.

Make Them Special

Consider doing more than “talking head” videos, talking head videos are great because people like seeing your face (or any face) as it develops trust. However, you should also add in visuals such as charts, and images that advance and reinforce your message.

By utilizing the content that you already have that is popular, you are almost guaranteed to start off on the right foot when it comes to making videos. Based purely on the fact that the audience you are attracting are finding your blog posts of interest and will therefore find your videos of similar or better interest. Isn’t it time you started video marketing? Oh and please share your thoughts below.

Check Your Stats for Hot Pages on Your Site
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