Content marketing often referred to as inbound marketing or authority marketing is a method of marketing that works on the principle that you if produce enough content correctly, then this content will attract your audience to you, engage them and establish your business as an authority in its niche and will generate sales, leads and business opportunities.

This is how I explain content marketing:

The purpose of content is to tell a story that attracts and engages your audience, the purpose of marketing is to get your audience to do something and only when these come together, is this content marketing … Steve Cartwright

There are almost as many people purporting to offer some form of content marketing service as there are articles on websites. The problem is that almost all of these companies have no real idea what they are doing, most have read books and studied but they haven’t actually learned their trade. The simplest method of checking this is to look at their blog, if they produce original content on a daily basis and they have for a while they should know what they are talking about, at least one would hope so.

It’s still not as easy as all that because creating content is just content at the end of the day, if it doesn’t achieve its purpose of attracting your audience and get them to do something.

I’ve been content marketing for so long that I have developed my own ways of doing things, because for me they work and deliver measurable results. I’m going to share with you some of my own successes, so that when get hard and content marketing is hard work, real hard work especially if you push out content on a daily basis. By understand what can be achieved I am hopeful that it will give you the motivation to push forward and succeed.

An Army of One has achieved this.

I’m a small business in fact I doubt you could get much smaller than me, however for the last eighteen months I have managed to push out new content on a daily basis. This content is properly formatted and for the most part (not always) search engine optimized, today I have over two hundred and fifty articles indexed on the first page of Google for various long tail keywords. Imagine what that would mean for your website. To me it means thousands of visitors to my website each and every month, not random visitors but highly targeted visitors drawn in by the content I create.

Not wanting to leave content promotion simply to the search engines I am also highly active on Twitter. In twelve months I successfully built my own followers up from little more than a hundred or so to 100,000 and since then I’ve pushed this upwards of 130,000 followers. I promote my content to this Twitter audience and this is now generating 8,000 website visitors per month to my website. Imagine what this would mean to your business?

Still not satisfied I also utilize content marketing techniques on LinkedIn and I have over 300 articles now published on this social media platform, which generate leads every single week. I’m not a LinkedIn influencer however I have managed to push my first level followers up to over 7,000 and my article followers to over 11,000 … which isn’t a bad return for publishing mostly repurposed content.

Wanting to push myself even further I also have a newsletter, this goes out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday… it contains one full article and one article exert as I have found that, this combination works best for my audience.

Let’s consider this for a minute, I’m producing content and pushing it out on my website, I’m tweeting this out to an active and growing following and I’m repurposing this on LinkedIn and within an email newsletter. All of these are potential touch points with my target audience… are your marketing efforts generating as many opportunities?

Blowing Smoke

Now if you remember I mentioned that there are lots of content marketing professionals and many of these blow smoke to obscure the results they achieve while weaving a great story. So the question you should consider is how do you know that I’m not blowing smoke? The answer is simple, lots of content which gives me authority in my audiences’ eyes and also third party validation which cannot be bought and cannot be faked.

External Validation

Now the above are simple websites and they prove that content marketing works, as people that I don’t know are noticing me and thinking of me as an authority figure in my niche. Imagine the impact this would have on your business, you could perhaps generate more sales, more business opportunities, demand higher fees, and attract better clients, better employees? Oh, and I could have added lots of other website examples.

World Leading Authority

But the real test of the authority of my unique brand of content marketing is when you compare me, to the very best in the world.

Can You Prove Content Marketing Works?

Scribble Live “Our attention analytics platform takes in 6M+ sources of web content each day, from blogs to news articles and social media posts. Based on patented algorithms, we measure the influence an individual has on the topic of content marketing, based on opinions shared over the past 90 days (as of May 15, 2015).”

“Jeff Bullas tops the current list, followed by Kelsey Libert and Sheryl Daija. Rounding out the Top 10: Mark Hoelzel, Juntae DeLane, Steve Cartwright, Sandra Gudat, Mark Friedlander, Patti Fletcher, and Lara O’Reilly.”

Can you imagine the impact such a ranking would have in the eyes of your target audience, it would certainly make them sit up and take notice of what you have to say. Think that is a one off, check this link out


This is content marketing, it’s using content to get noticed by your audience and as you do the perception of everyone is raised and you become the leader within your niche. These results are exceptional however most of what I have achieved, you can achieve admittedly with my help or the help of someone just like me… but you cannot buy this level of authority, can you?

Need help with your online marketing, someone else gave me the title of “Digital Business Growth Expert” and I kind of like it, as it fits perfectly with what I do … interested in achieving similar results?

Can You Prove Content Marketing Works?
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