Do you know why understanding your customers and developing buyer personas will help your business grow and flourish, it’s often the difference between making the sale and not making it. I understand this and whenever I talk to anyone about their marketing it’s one of the questions I ask, who are your customers, do you have buyer personas developed and this normally means more than one persona. This was brought home to me this week when I was speaking with a UK based company that has various offices around Europe, upon asking my question, the buyer persona one caught their attention and I thought I would share with you my reasons for wanting to develop buyer personas.

Buyers Personas allow you to:

  1. Understand your customer’s needs and wants so that you can delight them with all of your marketing messages, products and services and earn their repeat and referral business.
  2. Understand how your customers make purchasing decisions, so that your marketing can be more targeted to their needs leading to more sales.
  3. Understand what your customers like to do online, where they hand out, what social media platforms they use. This gives you the insight into how best to communicate with them, how to engage them, where and how to promote your business and what types of content to produce that will grab their attention.
  4. Segment your marketing externally to meet the needs of different personas, this allows you to get down and persona with each segment, offering them content, messages, coupons and offers that will generally deliver much better results.
  5. Segment your marketing efforts internally, so you can spend your time and energy on attracting and retaining your most ideal customers, making your marketing efforts more cost effective.
  6. Buyer personas result in better leads that are more sales-ready, because you’re reaching the right people by leveraging what they want, rather than by pushing what you want. For this reason, personas can also help automated lead-nurturing workflows be more effective.
  7. Understanding buyer personas helps get everyone within a company and all external marketing sources get on the same page about your marketing goals. This ensures that everything of focused, so your blog posts, images, social media, email messages, customer service, products, services, is aligned to maximize customer engagement.

If you think of it like this it might help, would you rather go fishing knowing what fish you wanted to catch and knowing exactly where you will find them, or would you rather go fishing with no knowledge whatsoever. This is what properly developed buyer personas give you as a business owner, and it can mean the difference between success and failure.

While speaking with this potential new client I also pointed out three potential buyer persona types that I could easily identify, these were a male person buying for one reason, a male person buying for another reason, a female buying for one reason and a female (partner) influencing their partner to look at and buy, oh and the company in question works in the hair loss industry, hence those persona types being obvious to me.

I know that when I am preparing buyer personas I have a whole heap of questions that I ask in fact I have a PowerPoint I go through with clients, this enables me to generate the personas that I need. However if you start by simply asking:

  • Who are they?
  • What do these people do?
  • Are they married, singles, living with a partner?
  • What problems or concerns do they have, that your industry niche can solve?
  • Where do they hang out and what do they do online?
  • Are these people decision makers, influencers or referral sources?

Just those six questions are all you need to get started and to start to understand who you’re customers are and to turn your business into a customer centric one.

Perhaps you would like to comment, share your thoughts and suggestions on buyer personas below.



Buyer Personas Allow You To
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