Content marketing is one of the few forms of marketing that allows you to actively monitor what is and what isn’t working, allowing you to make improvements and achieve better and better results. This applies to all forms of content marketing including video marketing and one of the best things you can do every time you put up a video, is to seek feedback from your audience. And believe it or not, the best way to get feedback is simply to ask for it.

From a marketing perspective you want to ask more specific questions, so that you can get the feedback you want.  For example, if you got new sound equipment you can ask,

“Let me know if you like how this video sounds.”

The more specific you are when asking for feedback from your audience, the better and more useful the feedback will be, let’s share a few more tips.

If you adopt a streamlined method of video production by making a similar introduction for each video you post, you’ll create a professional impression that will help your audience feel more comfortable leaving feedback.

Make an Exit Video

The exit portion of each video should be similar or the same as well, just like the introduction. This is where you include your call for action, ask for likes, shares, and comments on your video. Being able to easily insert this exit video clip, will help ensure you always ask for feedback.

Embed Other Videos

You can embed links to other videos you have created, even including forms for specialized feedback if you want extra information about what your viewers like or don’t like about your videos.

Ask for Likes

You should always ask your audience to like your videos. Sometimes you might want to suggest to them why they should like them instead of just watching them without clicking like. They might not realize that by clicking like, it actually helps you, to promote your videos and therefore produce more.

Ask for Shares

One of the best types of feedback you’ll ever receive is when someone finds your content so good they want to share it with their own audience. All feedback doesn’t necessarily have to be a comment; instead think of a share as, “I liked this enough to share it with others and it has a lot of value.”

Ask for Ratings

When you want a thumbs up for your video on YouTube for example, you need to ask for it. People are however much more likely to vote something down rather than up. Many people will watch a video without taking any action whatsoever. You should therefore ask for the action you want your audience members to take and more of your audience will do it.

Ask Your Audience for Topic Ideas

A great way to get feedback whilst also increasing audience engagement is to ask your audience for new ideas for topics that you’ll cover in future videos. People love having a say in what they watch, so give them a chance to get involved.

Ask Your Audience to Critique the Quality

Sometimes, you want the actual content of the video to be beside the point, but when asking for this type of feedback you have to be specific. Ask your audience how they like the quality, especially if you did something different, purchased new equipment or tried a new technique.

If you really want feedback you’re going to have to ask for it, every single time you create and post a video. Your audience will only comment on what they want to, especially if you don’t ask for specifics. It also beneficial to try and create something like a video marketing mastermind group, start by giving other video creators feedback, ask for feedback and develop a relationship… in the end you’ll all end up helping each other achieve more.

Video Marketing   Ask for Feedback from Viewers
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