Content is an important touch point between you, your business and your customers. All of the content you create and publish should be considered carefully. Here are 14 places where your content impacts your customer’s experience.

  1. Website Content. The content on your website conveys your core values and unique value, as well as offering detailed information about your services and help.
  2. Blog. Your blog is a good place to share interesting and helpful content. It will likely be one of the first touch points you have with your customers.
  3. Social Media Posts. Social media posts should be “on-brand” and seek to help and engage your audience. Avoid promotional content here.
  4. Social Media Comments. The comments you leave on others’ posts also play an important role because this is where you communicate directly with your audience.
  5. Advertisements. Ad content is another place where customers may likely have their first contact with your company.
  6. YouTube Videos. YouTube Videos give you a great opportunity to communicate your values and build a following.
  7. Online Forums. If you participate in online forums or groups on sites like LinkedIn, this is another valuable touch point with your customers.
  8. Review Site Listings. Make sure your business is listed on review sites and check them sometimes to see what people are saying about you.
  9. Email Newsletters. An email newsletter offers a great way for you to create a relationship with your customers.
  10. Opt-in Giveaways. Opt-in giveaways for your email sign-up page, as well as other freebie content, is an important part of the customer experience.
  11. In-Store Content. Create in-store informational content like pamphlets, brochures and flyers with the customer experience in mind.
  12. In-Store Signage. In-store signs can also play a major role in shaping the customer experience.
  13. Press Releases. Press releases inform the public about what’s new with your company.
  14. Seminars and Presentations. Hosting or participating in seminars and presentations gives you a great opportunity to provide content to customers.

14 Places that Your Content Impacts Your Customers Experience

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14 Places that Your Content Impacts Your Customers Experience
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