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Personalizing for Each Step of the Buying Process

Personalization is a must these days if you want to truly connect with your customers and prospective customers in order to give them the kind of experience that will lead to their satisfaction and you making sales. It is also important to understand a typical buying process and sales cycle, so you can move your prospective customer from first encountering you or a particular product, all the way through to

Tools to Help Manage Your Ideas, Content and Workflow

Once you start running a website, you have to keep “feeding the beast” with fresh, interesting content on a regular basis, especially if it contains a blog. Every business website should have a blog, or as I like to think of it “Business Leads Organically Generate“. If you fail to regularly update it, your audience will lose interest, and they certainly won’t tell their friends about your great site. Writing

Writing Skills: Refining Your Words

When creating content for your target audience, you might find yourself cringing at some of the sentences you write, i know that I do. Going back and editing yourself is an important skill which not many writers master. However, one of the easiest writing flaws to spot is using too many words that don’t really add to the meaning of the sentence. Short, Sharp, Scannable Writing One of the first

Why Using Visuals in Your Content Is So Important

Visuals are becoming more and more important than ever in relation to creating compelling content. Compared to 2014, the use of visuals has shot up more than 400%, with video especially on the rise. It is easy to see why websites like YouTube are hugely popular, and it is amongst the top five sites in the world. Facebook has in recent months made a huge push towards video, by making

Types of Visuals to Use in Your Content

There are a number of different types of visuals you can use in your content, each has a role to play in helping you communicate clearly with your target audience and generate engagement. Images High-quality images are essential to support the written content on the page. If it is factual content, an image can help convey meaning and make the page attractive. About 70% of the population are visual learners,

Sharing Thought-Provoking Content That Steer Your Agenda

Creating content is important, but it’s imperative that you share content that provokes thought in the direction you want your audience to think. By doing that, it will steer your agenda in just the right way. You can make your audience start thinking about the things you want to be important to them before you even introduce your product to them. Curate Content If you have a product in development

Publishing Insights That Set You Apart

If you want to publish content that attracts subscribers, you need to set yourself apart from the competition. There is so much content put out there just to fill space nowadays that people are becoming blind to it. You don’t want to do that. You want to create content that not only attracts your audience but also makes them want to engage with you, subscribe, and buy from you. Create

Effective Traffic Generating Tips

The most effective way to bring traffic to your website is to use the things that you do regularly, consistently and in a targeted way. After all, you don’t just want any old person to visit your website, you want potential customers or targeted traffic. In other words you want to attract people who really want what you are offering and will purchase what you’re offering. Plan the Right Content

Seven Things to Consider When Blogging

Thanks to the wonders of WordPress and other blogging software, just about anyone can start their own blog. The question is, should you? Here are some of the main things to consider in reference to whether or not to start a blog, and what it takes to keep it going. 1. You Need to Be a Good Writer There are photoblogs (plogs) and video blogs (vlogs), but worded content drives


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