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Headline Tips That Improve Lead Generation

Writing headlines should be a simple and straightforward process. You want the your audience to know what the benefits are of clicking through and reading what’s behind the headline. The headline should entice, inspire, and encourage your audience to do more. Know Your Target Audience Understanding the audience members you want to attract with your headline is imperative in getting the headline worded correctly. The more you can narrow down

How to Start a Profitable Blog

Making a good income as a blogger is possible. You may think that it’s all a pipe dream, but it’s not. There are many average people just like you (not that anyone is really average) who are earning a living blogging. They’re not just earning a living, either – they’re earning a real, dream-like income from their blog. Some bloggers are making a million dollars a year from their blogs,

Benefits of Offering Transcripts to Your Audience

Why should you offer transcripts to your audience? The fact is, there are many benefits to doing so. Let’s look at some of them. They’ll Be More Likely to Find Your Content Transcripts help search engines find your content due to search engine optimization. The way search engines work is to scan the content on your site, and it cannot see a video. However, it can see the tags, the

How Video Marketing Can Boost Your ROI

The fact is, most marketing professionals agree that video marketing increases their return on investment (ROI). They believe this from looking at the stats. It’s clear that video is shared more, search engines favor video, and audiences love it. And there are many reasons why video marketing boosts your ROI. People Often Retain Info from Videos Better You want your audience to focus on your brand and remember what you

Creating Engaging Content That Readers Will Be Eager to Share

Writing engaging content is easier than you think, provided that you follow a few simple rules. In this way, you will be creating exactly the kind of content your target audience will be eager to share – for more traffic, subscribers, sales and engagement. Focus on a Single Topic Your content should be focused, clean and concise. Focus on a Single Goal Each piece of content should have a goal

How to Use Stories in Your Marketing Campaigns

There are a number of ways to use stories in your marketing campaigns to help increase sales and generate profits. Why Use Storytelling Storytelling is rapidly becoming one of the most popular and successful marketing methods, for a number of reasons. From the time we are born, most of us hear stories and love them. They have a structure, teach lessons, and connect with us emotionally. They often give us

Why Storytelling Works in Business

Storytelling is not just for bedtime any more. It is now a strong marketing tool that can help you connect with your customers in powerful ways. Why Storytelling? Storytelling is as old as mankind. From cave paintings to oral transmission to books, there is nothing quite like a good story to entertain, teach and give examples. Stories provide a context for a journey of discovery and lessons learned, of solving

Eight Ways to Curate Content

Content curation is a convenient shortcut to help you create interesting content for your target audience. It can also offer them valuable information if you are doing it correctly. Content curation can in turn position you as an expert in your niche and give you an air of authority and expertise that will keep your audience coming back for more. If you aren’t already curating content, this is the year

Finding High Quality Ideas That Fuel Your Content Creation

Feeling stuck for inspiration for your content creation? High quality ideas abound, if you know where to look and what tactics to try. Here are some suggestions on where to get even more brilliant ideas your target audience will love. Brainstorm Sit down and write a list of all the things you want to write about. Add the “gaps” you see at your site, things you know you should have

How to Create Better Content for Your Readers

There is a vast amount of content available on the internet. How do you keep your readers coming back for more? The simple answer is to give them what they really want. This may sound hard to do, but if you take the time to get to know your target audience, or niche, you can seem like almost a mind reader and be able to market to them successfully. Content


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