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How to Use Stories in Your Marketing Campaigns

There are a number of ways to use stories in your marketing campaigns to help increase sales and generate profits. Why Use Storytelling Storytelling is rapidly becoming one of the most popular and successful marketing methods, for a number of reasons. From the time we are born, most of us hear stories and love them. They have a structure, teach lessons, and connect with us emotionally. They often give us

Why Storytelling Works in Business

Storytelling is not just for bedtime any more. It is now a strong marketing tool that can help you connect with your customers in powerful ways. Why Storytelling? Storytelling is as old as mankind. From cave paintings to oral transmission to books, there is nothing quite like a good story to entertain, teach and give examples. Stories provide a context for a journey of discovery and lessons learned, of solving

Eight Ways to Curate Content

Content curation is a convenient shortcut to help you create interesting content for your target audience. It can also offer them valuable information if you are doing it correctly. Content curation can in turn position you as an expert in your niche and give you an air of authority and expertise that will keep your audience coming back for more. If you aren’t already curating content, this is the year

Finding High Quality Ideas That Fuel Your Content Creation

Feeling stuck for inspiration for your content creation? High quality ideas abound, if you know where to look and what tactics to try. Here are some suggestions on where to get even more brilliant ideas your target audience will love. Brainstorm Sit down and write a list of all the things you want to write about. Add the “gaps” you see at your site, things you know you should have

How to Create Better Content for Your Readers

There is a vast amount of content available on the internet. How do you keep your readers coming back for more? The simple answer is to give them what they really want. This may sound hard to do, but if you take the time to get to know your target audience, or niche, you can seem like almost a mind reader and be able to market to them successfully. Content

How to Build Suspense in Your Content

Do you find that an awful lot of content just seems to be the same old, same old, with nothing new, exciting or noteworthy that deserves being paid attention to. One of the best ways to stand out from this is to create suspense. This can be accomplished in a couple of ways. Journalistic Writing versus Blogging Journalistic writing is the kind of writing used by newspaper and magazine writers.

Creative Ways to Use Visuals in Your Content Marketing Campaigns

Content is king on the internet but with so much content available, it can seem almost impossible to stand out from the crowd. Using visuals creatively is one way to help you stand out. Photos These days, everyone has a camera on their phone, so there is really no excuse to not use images to support your content. Use high-quality images from every angle for the products you are trying

Tips for Segmenting and Personalizing by Industry

Personalization in marketing is a must these days if you wish to build a relationship with your target audience and remain relevant to them, so they stay loyal to you. It is mainly a question of how you wish to segment. One option is to segment and personalize in relation to a particular industry. What Is Segmentation? Segmentation can be defined as breaking down your target audience into subsections or

Personalizing for Each Step of the Buying Process

Personalization is a must these days if you want to truly connect with your customers and prospective customers in order to give them the kind of experience that will lead to their satisfaction and you making sales. It is also important to understand a typical buying process and sales cycle, so you can move your prospective customer from first encountering you or a particular product, all the way through to


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