Influencer marketing is an effective and fun way to spread brand awareness and even make more sales. It works especially well when combined with other efforts such as Facebook Ads, a new product launch, and live events such as webinars.

Having said that, there are some common mistakes that people make using social media influencers that are worth learning about so that you can avoid them.

Not Understanding Your Audience

It’s imperative that you know exactly who your audience is, and which segments you want to attract by using influencer marketing. The only way to accomplish this successfully is to study your audience and the specific segment you want to influence.

Not Understanding Their Audience

You also need to know who the influencer audience is that you want to attract, to make sure that they’re similar or the same as your own audience. You can do this by watching comments, attending any live events the influencer has, and by asking them directly for audience demographics so that you know who they are and how they match up with yours.

Not Creating Measurable Goals

When you enter into any type of campaign, you need to have some goals that you can measure using analytics. You may need to invest in new analytics systems, or you may be able to use what you have. Know in advance what the goals are, how you’ll measure them, and make sure that you do.

Using the Wrong Channels for Your Audience

Just because a certain social media platform is popular doesn’t mean it will fit your audience. Find out who is most likely to participate on the platform so that you know how far your reach can become.

Thinking You’ll See Results Fast

Like a lot of marketing, influencer marketing doesn’t necessarily translate to sales overnight. Sometimes it does, of course, but not always. Sometimes it’s a combination of efforts that work together to create momentum. Be patient and improve each time.

Not Using the Right Analytics

Remember that goals need to be aligned with something measurable so that you know your efforts are working. But, do views matter more than subscribers? If something gets a million views but no sign-ups, is it effective?

Failing to Communicate Your Goals Clearly

When you work with an influencer you need to be crystal clear about your goals, and if possible understand their goals so that you can help them too. You should promote them as much as they promote your product or service to make the campaign more effective.

Avoiding these mistakes will ensure that the social media influencer marketing you enter will be a lot more successful. When you know the point of doing it, who you’re doing it with, and who you’re doing it for, it’s going to make all the difference in your success.

Common Social Media Influencer Mistakes to Avoid
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