Even though more and more people are accessing the Internet via mobile devices, with mobiles now outstripping computer sales by a tremendous amount and over half of social media users now using mobile to access their favorite social media platform, so many marketers are making serious mobile marketing mistakes. Let’s share some of the most common mobile marketing mistakes so that you can avoid making them.

Complicated Forms

I don’t know why sales people (businesses) think that the more information they request in a form the better it is, but this you see this mistake repeated everywhere. The simple fact is this, the more information you ask of people filling in forms the less people will fill them in. This applies to computers but is especially true of mobile users. With subscription for newsletters for example ask for a name and email address or even just an email address because you can always ask for more information later on.

Not Ensuring Links Work for Mobile Devices

When you send any email link, it’s imperative that you assume it will be read on a mobile device and that the link works no matter which device your audience member is using. Can the user click through easily and then does the website work well using any device? Can the user get around the navigation? Is the website mobile friendly?

Not Being Targeted in Your Actions

Do you know why you are sending our message or putting up content for audience members to consume? Do you know who you’re targeting? You can use your email and website metrics to determine which devices your audience uses so that you can ensure that any user using any device can access the info and understands why they should.

Not Understanding Laws, Rules and Regulations

Like with most things to do with marketing, there are laws, rules and regulations. Ensure that you become familiar with these laws so that you don’t break any of them. Opt-in regulations and privacy concerns are important to most people, and they should be to you too, so do not share any of your audiences’ private information and find out what your legal requirements are.

Filling the Visible Area with too Much Text.

Remember the size of most mobile devices is about 3.3 inches of space, if that small space is overrun with text and your user has to stretch and scroll around to read the content, they’re going to get frustrated and give up trying to read it. There are ways to optimize your content within the code to ensure that it automatically adjusts based on the device your audience is using.

Not Creating Ongoing Value for Customers

As important as access is creating value for your audience. When you create an app, for example, if you don’t want to lose that customer eventually it’s important to remind the user about the app by offering updates, extensions and more to anyone who has downloaded it. The value of a long-term customer cannot be overstated, they are diamonds so take care of them before someone else does.

Not Knowing Your Purpose before Sending a Message

Did I mention this already, any message must have a point for its existence? Is it to get more subscribers to your newsletter? Is it to get more sales? What is the purpose of the message and how can you be sure that your audience understands the purpose and the action you want then to take quickly?

Building an App without a Plan for Marketing It

Apps are a great way to involve yourself in the mobile marketing landscape; however, creating an app is like creating a whole other business. You not only need to create the app, but you also need a marketing plan for the app if you want to be successful and you need the plan before you develop the app.

Not Having Clear Calls to Action

Once you know the purpose of a message, it’s imperative that you craft clear calls to actions. People are not mind readers so ensure the actions you want are obvious to your audience and this can been testing different CTAs to see which works best for your audience.

Treating Mobile as a Separate Entity

While mobile is a huge consideration and should be for anyone who wants to market online today, it’s also important to remember that mobile devices are simply tools with which to access your content. Much like different web browsers, different devices have different code requirements. Thankfully, though, by using HTML5 and responsive coding techniques, you can make your websites work for all devices seamlessly.

Telephone Numbers

Mobile phones are awesome when you encounter a website that has a phone number correctly coded, all you have to do while browsing the website is click the telephone number and your mobile phone will call the number. It’s seamless and easy and a person never has to enter the telephone number manually… ensure your content if it contains telephone numbers is coded correctly to take advantage of this.

By avoiding these common mobile marketing mistakes will help you become a winner in the online marketing game, which is increasingly becoming more and more mobile orientated. Don’t avoid your own specific statistics when bringing your marketing campaigns into the present day, otherwise you’re going to be leaving money on the table for a competitor to take.

Common Mobile Marketing Mistakes
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