Every business be it a small business or the largest of businesses needs to focus on its branding. Branding is quite simply the process by which you control what your customers think when they see or hear about your business, it’s products and services. Your aim is to try and get your customers to think of a particular image when they come into contact with your products and services or they think of them or your business.

Here are a few of the most common mistakes that you’ll definitely want to avoid when you’re branding your business.

Inconsistent Identity across Different Platforms

If you want to bring to life a certain image, the best way to do that is to make all your social media profiles the same throughout each network. Match that with your offline image too. Use the same colors, fonts, images and similar wording, to help your audience always remember who you are by always being consistent.

Basically you want your audience to know its you no matter which platform they come across you … this means that your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles must match and be easily recognizable.

Poor Quality or No Imagery

It can be expensive to use images in your online presence, but it’s worth it. You can save money by creating them yourself and using inexpensive graphics through stock photo sites like photodune.net or sites like Canva.com. But, the important thing is that the imagery evokes the feelings you want it to across all branding materials.

Lack of Tracking Metrics

If you don’t keep track of what you’re doing, the results you have and the goals you are making, you won’t know if what you are doing is working, or not. Look at your metrics often so that you know that you’re making an impact. Survey your audience; ask them what they think.

Not Asking Your Customers to Help

You have a wonderful connection with your customers through email lists. Use it. Send surveys to your customers. Ask them what they think of your branding by showing them images. Ask them what they think of when they see your tag line or other collateral you have.

Not Refreshing Marketing Materials

You can’t let your marketing materials get stale and old. You’ve got to keep them fresh by updating them at least yearly. Change up the fonts, use newer technology to make clearer graphics, hire a better graphic designer than you did last year. Websites get old too, so keep them up to date and I’m afraid that means you need to get blogging as nothing tells an audience member they have arrived on an active website better than a constantly updated blog.

Not Understanding Your Core Products and Services

If you aren’t sure what you’re really offering your customers, it can be difficult to get the branding message out that you want to get out. You may need to think clearly about what you’re offering; for example, you are offering freedom from something, not the “thing” you’re offering.

Failing to Create an Honest and Believable Tag Line

Tag lines really aren’t a good place to “blow smoke.” Instead, they should be as accurate as possible but also believable and memorable. You want it to be catchy enough that they will say it on their own. Like Nike’s “Just do it” campaign.

Misunderstanding Where Successful Branding Begins

It starts, of course with you. It’s a feeling you portray to yourself, to your staff, your contractors and your customers. If you can’t describe what you want people to feel when they think of your products and services, it will be hard to elicit that feeling through any type of marketing.

Branding your business is imperative if you want to be competitive in today’s business world. Never forget that if you’re not on top of your branding efforts, one bad piece of news or press can kill your branding. But, if you’re on top of branding, you will control the story and win the branding game.

Common Branding Mistakes
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