When using SMS marketing, it’s important to form each message correctly. The way you do that is to understand who your audience is, what your goal for the message is, and then use copywriting rules to ensure that you use the small 160-character space to get the most meaning to your audience from the message.

Know Your Audience

You must know the right words to use, and that requires understanding who your audience is, or who you’re targeting to become your audience. You won’t use the same words for each audience. For example, a B2B audience will see your texts differently than a B2C audience will, so you’ll need to choose your words carefully.

Know Your Goal for the Text

What is the goal for sending the text in the first place? If you know what you want the outcome to be and the action you want the recipient to take, that will help inform the goal and what you want to say. Do you want them to read more of the story? Do you want them to share? Be clear about what you want them to do.

Include a CTA

Within those 160 characters, you need to include a CTA to ensure that people act on your text message. If you include a CTA, you’ll get far more responses. Make your CTAs action words, but don’t use “click here to see more”. Instead, make them curious so they want to click through.

Focus on Providing Value

Remember that you need to put the audience first, focusing on providing some sort of value with the information included in the text so that they know why they need to click through.

Keep It Short and Simple

Obviously, a text message has to be short. You have 160 characters to use in a text that ensures the recipient sees the entire thing. Within those 160 characters you need to include a message that provides value, includes a CTA, and lets them know who sent it without using jargon and abbreviations.

Choose the Right Words

When you are picking the words to use, think of your audience, avoid jargon unless it’s a B2B text, and avoid too many abbreviations. Acronyms are okay if your audience understands them.

Make Sender ID Your Business Name

One way to ensure that your message is understood by your audience as being from your brand is to use your business name as your sender ID. In this way, that you don’t have to include a signature of some kind within the 160 characters. However, sometimes this is less personal.

To get the messaging right for your goal, remember to determine what actions you want the viewer to take after reading the message. Ensure that the message encourages those actions using words that the audience knows, understands, and recognizes. This will ensure that your message gets the results you want it to in only 160 characters.

Choosing the Right Type of Text Message for Your Goal
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