Everyone in business will at times be required to enter into the file sharing arena at times, you may need to share documents and files regularly or just occasionally with other business owners and individuals. It’s extremely important to understand the risks involved, and how to avoid them, before you engage in peer-to-peer sharing. This checklist should help you safely share files and information via the internet with few problems.

Legality Issues

Always be aware of whether or not what you’re sharing is legal and as a business owner only share legal files that you are allowed to share. For instance, if you purchase private label rights articles, is it okay to share them with just anyone? How about your virtual assistant or writer? Can you share them with your best friend, since you purchased it and it’s your best friend? If you understand what is legal to share, and what is not legal, you can avoid a lot of problems.

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Security Risks

Engaging in Peer to Peer File Sharing ChecklistIf you have some files you’d like to share but you don’t know where the files came from, it can be dangerous to send these files to anyone. This is how viruses and works are spread throughout the Internet. In addition, if you are giving someone else access to files that reside on your computer, through a system like Dropbox or another similar program and it contains a virus, ask yourself what might happen to your computer or theirs? If you have downloaded the file sharing software to your desktop computer and you’re not just accessing it thorough the cloud, the automatic update feature is adding files to your computer too.

The best advice I can give is to use cloud based file sharing programs, to ensure you have excellent and updated anti-virus software and that you only share files with people you trust and only then when you expect a file to be shared with you.

Protect Sensitive Information

Thankfully, there are security features you can put into place that helps restrict the locations to which files can be placed, and to which others have access too. This can help you protect sensitive information from others. Ensure that everyone you work with and share files with understands the risks and doesn’t freely give out their passwords to shared files without permission and do ensure that you use strong passwords, a password of password or password1234 is not actually a password but more an invitation so use strong passwords.

Train Your Contractors

It’s likely that if you have contractors, they have access to a boatload of personal information in your files. Not only should you check the background of your contractors before allowing them to have this information, you should also train your contractors about password safety, issues with file sharing, and copyright laws. If you don’t want to provide training, at least test their knowledge on these issues prior to signing a contract and ensure your contractors cannot on share your information without your written permission.

Create a File Sharing Company Policy and Enforce It.

Every business needs to have a file sharing policy that includes the accepted ways to share files, which files can be shared, with whom, and the procedure to follow should something go wrong. By both working toward the prevention of problems, and dealing with them should they occur, you can protect your business from legal issues and security risks.

Peer-to-peer sharing is going to continue to grow and expand as everyone needs to share information with contractors, other offices and remote workers. Today you can share files easily via social media, email, file sharing programs and more. As it’s not going away, you may as well develop a way to ensure that nothing goes wrong while engaging in peer-to-peer sharing.

Engaging in Peer to Peer File Sharing Checklist
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