Small Business owners who let’s face it, are expected to know about marketing, plus many other marketers tend to think that consumers make purchases (shop) in a logical manner. This however is not the case, studies have shown shoppers make decisions based on emotions first and then try to justify them with logic. Everyone wants to feel good about what they have purchased, and in particular people love to feel that they have got a great bargain.

If consumers feel good about their purchases, they will tell one others typically on Facebook what a great experience they have had. On the other hand, if they do not feel good about their purchase, they will complain to lots more people about their experience.

With those odds being so stacked against businesses, it is important to understand what really motivates buyers so they can feel good about what they are purchasing and be much less likely to complain and cause customer service issues or damage to your brand. Because let’s face it, with social media nowadays a complaint can reach potentially hundreds of prospective purchasers.

Just to prove a point, the early days of eBay proved that buyers don’t just want a solution; they want to feel good about it. EBay’s slogan in those days was to “Shop victoriously”. This demonstrates the emotional impact that shopping has in our lives.

Here are several areas to pay attention to in order to maintain a “feel-good factor” for your customers.

Good Price

Good price is always going to make a customer happy. However, they it’s equally or more important that they feel as if they’re getting good value. You can buy cheap coffee, for instance, but if it is a misery to drink, then it really has little value, whereas that coffee costing three times as much, but giving you a great coffee leaves you feeling pleased.

Good Value

Good value goes beyond price, in fact price is of secondary importance to value. If you are selling a product and service in order to offer a solution, it must effectively solve their problem in order to be seen as worth the money. It should be a pleasure to use and enhance their life in some way.

Easy to Implement, and Hassle-Free

The solution should be easy to use and follow through with. For example, if you sell an eBook that promises customers they can lose 7 pounds in 7 days, they need to feel good about doing it and be given clear instructions. Telling them to eat one lettuce leaf a day and drink lots of water is not going to make most people happy, or feel as if the book is good value.

However, if you give them a detailed meal plan of exactly what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks every day for 7 days and exactly the exercises they need to burn the right amount of calories for each of the 7 days, this product clearly offers more value and will be an easier sell.

They will also feel good about having made the right decision because they can see how well laid out the plan is, and how practical and realistic it is compared to a starvation diet. They will not feel cheated by a “book” that is only three pages long, and will be impressed by a well-presented guide with trackers, worksheets and so on to help you succeed in losing those 7 pounds.

The Show-Off Factor

People who feel really good about their purchases are more than happy to show them off. We can see this with the trend on Facebook for people to post photographs of all their latest purchases. We can also see it in the trend of “unboxing videos” – that is, people who actually film themselves opening a package after it comes in the mail or after they make a purchase. They take it out of the box and then start to use it.

Tapping into the feel-good factor of shopping can make your customers feel more satisfied and help you increase your sales.

Buyers Don’t Just Want a Solution   They Want to Feel Good about It
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