The question of why you should run a business event is probably the most important part of the business event planning process. This is because the “why” in business planning covers two separate, but equally critical areas. First of all, the why speaks towards purpose, as in what goals do you want to accomplish by holding this event? Second, the why also speaks towards benefits, as in there are so many positive outcomes from holding a business event, why wouldn’t you want to organize one. Purpose and benefits are powerful concepts. This is why you should clearly understand both “whys” well in advance of planning your event.

First of all, let’s take a look at purpose. When you ask yourself “Why?” in this context, you are really asking yourself what you want to achieve thorough the medium of an event. So, what exactly are you trying to achieve. It could be that you want to raise the profile of your brand or business among a very specific market segment. It could be that you are trying to establish your expertise on a particular subject or in a particular field. It could be that you simply want to get out there and meet your customers and potential customers so that you can get to know them and they can get to know you. All of these are great purposes. There are some other equally great purposes out there too that we haven’t mentioned.

The point is that you have some particular purpose in mind when you begin planning your event. The purpose of the event is its center. It is its axis. The entire event revolves around this purpose. The entire event is built around this purpose. If you don’t have a purpose, the event will have nothing to coalesce around and it will not come together correctly. It will feel forced, as well as aimless. Less people will sign up to attend the event because of this and those that do attend will notice the imbalance. They likely will form the opinion that your brand or business is equally unbalanced.

The reason that you’re considering having a business event is to connect with people (or it should be). Don’t take initial steps that will have the opposite effect and disconnect you from your audience. When you have a clear purpose in mind from the get go, you have a much greater chance of connecting and profiting.

Part Two: Why Should You Run a Business Event?

Business Event   Why Should You Run a Business Event?As we discussed in Part 1, the “why” in running business event has a duel nature. It speaks to both purpose and benefit. In Part 1 of this article we discussed the importance of having a purpose for hosting a business event before you begin the planning process for that event. We talked about how a purpose becomes the lynch pin of the event that helps everything to come together and run smoothly. Now in Part 2, we’re going to turn our focus on the concept of the benefits of running a business event.

One of the first and foremost benefits of running a business event is that it allows you the opportunity to meet with potential customers and current customers face to face. People like to see who they are buying from or who they may be considering buying from. When they can see you, the business owner, up close they get an idea of who you are and can begin to build trust in your brand or business based on their growing trust in you as a person. In fact, one of the best ways to convert a potential customer into an actual customer is through the liberal use of face to face contact.

When you run a business event you are not simply meeting with one potential customer, you are meeting with a whole group of potential customers. You have the opportunity to positively influence the entire group at one time. This is an economy of scale that is truly advantageous to your business. Imagine the scheduling problems involved in trying to arrange a one on one meeting with each individual in that group. Think about the time and travel that would be involved if those meetings could be scheduled. A business event cuts to the core of this issue because you’re dealing with a group and not individual people.

Another benefit of a business event is that it allows you to get your product or service directly in front of your customer’s eyes and in their hands. In addition, you get to do this at a time when their attention is focused solely on your business and they are ready and eager to see what you have to offer. The attendees at your event are the very definition of a group of hot leads. They want to like your product. They want to buy your product. Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that kind of sales opportunity?

Business Event   Why Should You Run a Business Event?
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