Promotion is the name of the game when it comes to a successful business event. Effective promotion means high attendance rates, great buzz about the event and guests who are excited and energized about being there. Less effective promotion means so-so attendance (or worse), a general indifference about the event and guests who are wondering why they are there. Because of this it makes sense to make sure that you are ready to conduct the most effective and focused promotional campaign for your business event.

A great promotional campaign for an event is not a problem. It’s all a matter of focus and making sure that you take the right steps, in the right order, to make sure that your message is getting out loud and clear to your target audience. It’s a simple as that. The goal of this article to lay out some of those steps for you, so that you can conduct a promotional campaign guaranteed to make your business event a smashing success.

The first step in any good promotional campaign is to send out an initial “Save the Date” notification. A save the date notification is simply a way to alert your target audience about the date of your event, along with a couple of teasers about what to expect at the event. It is a way to get the event on the minds of your audience and on their calendars as well.

After the save the date notification, the next step in the promotion campaign is the actual e-mail invitation to the event itself. This e-mail will reiterate the date and some of the specifics. It will also contain a link that will direct the invitees to the event’s website. This website will have all the information an attendee will need to make an informed decision about the event. It will also have the means for an invitee to register and pay for the event.

Next comes the use of social media to spread the news of your event far and wide. Social media is also an excellent way to create buzz about your event and keep the event in the minds of the people who have already registered to attend. Remember to include a link to the event’s homepage with every social media post you make. This will allow any other interested parties, who weren’t included in the initial invitational e-mail list, to get information and register for the event.

Business Event Promotion Best Practices
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