When you want to build relationships offline with people who are hosting events and planning events, one way to do it is to volunteer after you’ve purchased a ticket and already plan to go. Let’s review how this will help you and why you should do it this way.

They Can’t Say You Want a Free Event Ticket

If you buy your ticket first, it shows that you will go to the event even if you don’t get chosen to volunteer there. This is important because it shows that you’re an interested party and that you want the information regardless of the person’s choice to use you or not.

You’re Offering Something of Value without Expecting Something Back

When you offer to volunteer, ask what needs to be done and do it without asking for anything in return. This is going to make you a right hand to the person and more than likely, if they’re the person you believe they are, they will mention you to others.

They’re Going to Notice You More Than the Other Offers of Help

When you go about offering help this way, be assured that many others are offering to volunteer too. But, they may need a free ticket, and you don’t. They want something in return, but you don’t. If you have a good online reputation they’ll probably use you before someone else.

If a Host Asks for Your Help, Say Yes

If you’re already going to an event, or only thinking about it, and a host asks for your help with the event (especially if they offer a free ticket or room or anything in exchange up front), say yes. Word will get around about your work, and it can pay off later.

Step Forward to Help the Wallflowers

When you are at an event, even if you’re not a formal volunteer there are always people who came to the event who are loners, feel uncomfortable, and aren’t brave enough to go up to the host and introduce themselves. Look around for the person standing alone, looking uncomfortable, eating breakfast alone, and so forth. Step forward, introduce yourself, and if you know the host, introduce the person when you can to them and others.

Show Your Affiliate Marketing Prowess

A great way to get eyes on you from any host or guru is to be a great affiliate marketer. Promote the heck out of their products to get noticed. Often, top “super affiliates” get invited to speak at events and therefore end up at these events without paying.

Follow Up After the Event

When the event is over, don’t stop there. Follow up with the host, follow up with the presenters, and follow up with everyone you’ve met at the event by sending them a hand-written card via the mail if you can, or at least an email message so they know you remember them.

Don’t Overstep

It’s important when you’re at someone else’s event that you participate and help others. But don’t overstep. It’s their event and you need to let them do their event their way. Before you do something that could be overstepping, ask.

Volunteering to help your favorite guru (or online personality) with their online events is a wonderful way to build relationships with the movers and shakers. This will build your own online and offline street cred and send you on your way to become a mover and shaker too.

Build Relationships Offline with Movers and Shakers by Offering Your Assistance at Their Events
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