As a small business owner or internet marketer chances are you are always looking for ways to improve your sales. One of the first things people often change is their sales funnel, the aim being to make it much more effective. Let’s have a look at some of the things you can add to your sales funnel to improve it and boost your sales.


One-size-fits-all sales funnels are outdated and simply aren’t as effective as they used to be, the technology exists nowadays to help make your audience feel special, by creating sales funnels that are personalized for each visitor or each audience segment due to where they’re visiting from. For example, if you are carry out guest blogging to drive traffic, you want a special sales page for visitors who come from these guests posts.

Better Images

There are all kinds of images you can use in your sales pages, such as still images with interlaid GIF images inside, creating movement in the picture that draws the eye to a different area of the sales page. You can also create a sales page that uses a different image each time a particular person visits the page. Finally, if you have a product, take a 360-degree image of the item so your audience can interact with it and see it from all sides.

Dynamic Pricing

This is a relatively new concept online but not anything new in reality. This type of pricing often exists with real-estate or apartment rentals. The price is based on how well the item is selling and how much inventory you have. It’ll go up and down once it’s set up based on that criterion.

Awesome CTA Buttons

Take a look at some ads online and see if you can find the CTA button. If you can’t find it, that is a problem. While many of us know that there is something to click somewhere, many people will not click unless they feel invited. Invite them with a big juicy button with an explicit call to action.


You can offer incentives and coupons via your sales page either by practice or exception. For example, if someone clicks away from the page, you could offer a pop-up that gives a coupon code if they stay on the page. Or, you can automatically offer a coupon code to any first-time visitors.


Getting buyers to increase their checkout volume is a great way to boost sales. Offering upsells at the time of buying, such as a professional version of the product you’re selling or a more complete version, is a great way to increase the size of the order.


Sometimes you may have a very expensive product on the sales page, and the target clicks away, often due to the expensive price and a lack of trust. You should offer them a less expensive version or an opportunity to pay less by doing something such as sharing or commenting, and they’ll likely take advantage of it.


At the checkout, you can offer companion products at a discounted price if they buy right now with their first purchase. This is another great way to boost sales without having to do too much work.

You may already be using some of these features in your sales funnels, but if you’re not, try them out. Add one of these features to your sales funnel and test it out to see if it gets higher sales or not. That’s the whole process when you market, discover, implement, test and repeat… keeping only those features which work best with your audience and business.

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