There are thousands, in fact more…. Countless so called “internet” famous people who aren’t making a cent off of their fame. But there are also a smaller group of individuals who have managed to take their small following and develop a revenue generating business out of it. What have they discovered? It has to do with the fact that fame is not a guaranteed way to financial success, but planning and strategy is.

You Don’t Need Loads of Subscribers

It’s a fact that “the money’s in the list,” but you don’t need a super massive list for this to be true. You just need the right people on your list, that you make the right offers to, at exactly the right time.

You Need Targeted Subscribers

Anyone who subscribes to your list should do so because they really want the information you’re going to provide them with. They should also be your target market and be fit your ideal buyer personas.

You Need the Right Lead Magnet

This is where you must be careful, you should not offer a freebie that is so broad that you get lots of people on your list who do not want to ever buy anything from you but only want the free item. Create a lead magnet that is so targeted that only your target audience would even want it.

You Need to Build Relationships with Subscribers

When you build a relationship with someone, you are thinking of their needs and not your own. You find ways to connect with them, to make them smile, and to make them feel as if they know you, like you, and trust you.

You Need to Segment Your Audience

It’s important to segment your audience so that you can send them the right information. For example, you may want to send certain information to people who downloaded a particular lead magnet. That’s different from people who may have downloaded another lead magnet, and very different from the segment who bought product 1, product 2, and so on.

You Need to Send the Right Information to Your Audience

Once you have people on your list, or following you on social media, you must send them, the right information on a regular basis. Try not to get off track, and always think of exactly who your ideal customer is when you send the information.

You Need to Ask for the Sale

When you send information to your audience, remember that some of it should be informational and some should be promotional. Try not to make every message promotional, or else they’ll just start ignoring you. You must promote, but do so strategically after giving your audience something of value first.

You Need to Follow Up

When someone does answer your calls to action, it’s imperative to remember that the follow-up is important. In fact, “the money is always in the follow up.” You want a small list of targeted consumers that want what you have to offer, and you want them to not only buy again but also to recommend you to their friends. You can do that by continuing to build on the relationship even after the sale.

You should stop trying to be internet famous and “go viral.” Instead, continue to push out important and relevant information on a regular basis, while building relationships with your followers and subscribers. But, be ready in case something you do does happen to go viral, so that it will actually pay off and it could big time.

Big Numbers Do Not Equal Big Profits
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