If you want to market to your audience in the best possible way, you’ll need to learn about segmentation – the best possible way to slice and dice your own audience to make the highest sales and conversions. There are some best practices to use which will help you make the most of segmentation.

The ways you can segment are by:

Life Stage

This defines whether the lead is single or married, their age, and whether or not they define themselves as work-at-home moms, single moms, breastfeeding moms, empty nesters and so forth.


This is the way of living for the lead such as being a vegan, a Christian or other definition that defines how they live their life.


How does your lead live: in a house, an apartment, with others and so forth? This can help you know how to address them in content.


Understanding how your audience wants to receive information is an important factor.


How a prompt makes your lead act. For example, if your lead has downloaded your lead magnet then they’ll be segmented to a list of people who downloaded the lead magnet.


This is about understanding what has motivated the lead to make a decision such as a particular blog post, a freebie, or even a comment. Knowing the client motivation can help you motivate more clients.

In order to make the right choices with segmentation, ask yourself the following questions:

How Will Segmentation Be Used?

Will you send the particular segment educational information, surveys, freebie examples and offers? Knowing where the segment is in their buying cycle is imperative.

What Is the Size of Each Segment?

Understanding the potential for each segment can help you know how much time and effort to spend on that particular segment, based on their needs and your solutions.

What Are the Needs of the Consumer?

If you can identify the needs of the consumer within any given segment, you can create better solutions for them, as well as market the solution in a better way to them.

Which Products Go With Each Segment?

Match your product funnel with the segment so that you can get your marketing materials right. The more personalized the materials, the higher the conversions.

The customer goes through some issues as they choose what purchases to make. First, they have to be informed. Then, as their knowledge is created, they’ll make a choice – to buy or not to buy – and it’s imperative that you understand what drives the decision. If you know what drives the decisions then you’ll be able to improve conversions. Segmentation can make the job of determining client needs a lot more accurate.

Best Segmentation Practices
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