Everyone is familiar with buying something because someone you trusted told you about it, it happens every day and has since long before the Internet was ever thought of. It might be from a television commercial with a star you like and respect, or it might be due to a friend telling you about the product on Facebook. Everyone of us is an influencer in our own way with our own group.

A micro-influencer is a person who has the same audience as you who would love your products or services. A micro-influencer has between 500 and 5000 followers or subscribers who are very engaged with the influencer, and typically many of them go out and buy or use whatever the influencer suggests.

Complementary Not Competition

The first thing to do is figure out which micro-influencers you want to work with. Remember to pick someone who attracts your audience but who isn’t in direct competition with you. Next, ensure that they have good engagement with their followers. Do they have a lot of comments? Are the comments letting you know that the followers bought what the influencer talked about?

Do the Work for Them

Don’t expect a very small brand to do all the work in terms of being able to take the time to write blog posts, take photographs, and do all the things needed to ensure that the promoting is a success. Instead, ask them what you can do to help them. Ask them if they need images. Offer to send a blog post that they can edit to make their own. Send them a free product. Be very generous with them to advance the relationship, but to also help them become more passionate about your product.

Compensate Them Fairly

You can expect to pay a micro-influencer from between 100 to 500 dollars for a single blog post, Instagram post, or YouTube video about your products and/or services. Before telling them what you’ll pay them, reach out to them about giving them a free product, and find out if they already have a program with a price list as well as offerings. If they do, follow their guidelines; if they don’t, help them figure out what would make them happy.

Don’t Micromanage

While you do want to give a lot of help to the micro-influencers you choose to work with, you don’t want to hold them back or micromanage them in any way. The reason the influencers are so effective is that their audience knows when they’re being authentic. Let them have input on how to present your products to their audience. You’ll be glad you did. Ensure everything goes right on your end, too – from landing pages working, coupon codes working, and serving the customers sent your way well.

Choose the Right Platform

There are influencers on most social networks today. They might not even realize they’re an influencer yet with so few followers or subscribers. However, if they’re creating content regularly, receiving amazing engagement, and growing steadily, they are influencers – whatever the platform. If your audience uses the social platform, it’s the right place to be, even if you have to find creative ways to market your product. For example, Instagram is great for visually beautiful products, but what about software or something that’s not visual in nature? How can you still get them excited?

Work with Several Micro-Influencers

You don’t have to only work with one at a time, although for your first time stick to one. Then, once you have some experience working with micro-influencers, you can up your game and work with more than one. By saturating social media with your products, you’ll get the word out faster if you use more than one influencer.

Measure the Results

As with anything worth doing in marketing, you must measure the results. That’s how you know what worked and what did not work. Use all the analytics you have available to you to find out how well it went. One great stat to use is sales; if you can tie the sale to a coupon code or an affiliate code, then that will make it clearer what is working and what is not working.


If a particular influencer has great returns, why not keep doing it? Establishing a long-term sponsorship relationship with an influencer is a great way to tap into their growing audience at a lower rate than you could if they had a larger audience. Plus, they’re always going to appreciate you that you thought of them when they weren’t “stars”.

Working with micro-influencers is less expensive and often more effective depending upon your needs, products, and goals.

Best Practices When Working with Micro Influencers
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