Getting the word out about your businesses brand message and goals needs to be accomplished in order that your target audience know who you are, however it also needs to be articulated internally. You should be able to explain to every employee, every sub-contractor, supplier and every customer exactly what it is your business stands for and what you can do for them.


It’s a simple fact… “that in the minds of your customers and your audience (the world), as you build your brand you get to be, only one thing to them.” It’s important to understand this going forward, because you won’t be all things to everyone. You’ll be one thing to one person and that one thing is your USP or Unique Selling Proposition. What does your brand provide that no one else’s brand delivers?

Always Remember Your USP

Your unique selling proposition, or sometimes called a unique value proposition, is the thing that makes your product or service stand out from all others. Your USP is what makes you different in the minds of your potential customers when they think of you.

Your Customer Perception Is Everything

Always try and remember that your customers don’t care what you want to be, or strive to be; they only care about you in terms of what you can do for them. It’s worth repeating that you need to be just one thing to one customer, be that one thing in the best possible way you can and you’ll find that you have long term customers.

Internal Viewpoint

If you don’t know exactly where you create real value for your customers, it will be hard for you to explain it in a way that your customers easily understand. The promises that you make about your brand need to be accurate, true, and unique. You need to differentiate yourself in a way that is honest and as forthright as possible. Knowing your vision and how to express your vision is of utmost importance internally as well as externally, more so in fact as you want everyone to sing from the same hymn sheet so to say.

Marketplace Outlook

Ensure that your USP is clear and concise, you want it to stand out from all of your competitors. It helps to study your competition to find out what is going on in the marketplace and how your competitors are defining themselves and making themselves stand out and get noticed. You can do the same, but make yours different. As long as it’s true, you can move forward.

Tell Your Story

Every brand has a story that they can use to convey their message to their audience. Use every medium that you can to get the story out… from social media, to blogging, to press releases, to video, to podcasts and more. Your story is important to any brand strategy, customers really do want to know who you are, what your values are and how you’re different.

Create High Quality Content

One of the ways you’re going to get the word out about your brand message is to use different forms of high quality content. Use text, downloadable content, video and more to help you get the message out to all parts of your target audience.

Promote, Promote, Promote

Use pay per click, social media and especially Twitter which I have found to be exceptional at this, content marketing and all the methods at your fingertips to promote everything that you do online. You can also send out press releases, have webinars, teleseminars and hangouts to help you get the word out about your brand message and goals.

Articulating your brand message and goals to your target audience and internally requires a lot of thought and consideration. You can do that if you know where to place your focus, and understand that you need to be one thing to one person and can’t be everything to everyone.

Articulating Your Brand Message and Goals
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