Goal setting is one of the fundamental skills required if you are going to be successful in business and this is especially true of marketing and setting marketing goals. Most business people know that smart goals need to be:

  • Goals need to be Specific
  • Goals need to be Measurable
  • Goals need to be Attainable
  • Goals need to be Realistic
  • Goals need to be Time Sensitive

This is an excellent starting point when it comes to setting out your goals, you might also think that the goal of marketing is always to be selling, but it’s actually not.

Know Your Purpose

Are You Setting the Best Marketing Goals for Your Business?You may have goals for various purposes for your marketing activities such as building awareness, building your email list, getting more social media followers or something else entirely. The important thing is to understand the purpose of your marketing activities.

Where Do You Stand Now?

If you don’t have much of an email list or a social media following, then it’s important to figure out what you should do first. Should you build more of a following and if so, exactly how will you accomplish this task?

Where Do You Want to Be?

Look toward the future, where do you want to realistically be.

Large Marketing Goals are Just lots of Small Goals joined together

Understand that large goals might need to be broken down into lots of small goals and that by achieving each of these small goals, in the end you’ll achieve your large goals.

Determine What Is Next

Always knowing what you’ll do next when you reach a particular goal is helpful to setting the best marketing goals for your business. It’s always first things first, understand your audience, build your blog, build your list, market to the list. Repeat.

Map It All Out

Creating a map of where you have been, where you are now, and where you want to go will help you succeed in achieving the marketing goals that you set for yourself. It will also enable you to see gaps in your choices so that you can fill them.

Don’t Run before you can Walk

If you haven’t tried content marketing yet, don’t drop waste a bundle of advertising on banner advertising. You want to start where you are now, and work your way up to where you want to be, there are short cuts.

Understand Your Audience

All marketing starts with your audience, and without knowing who they are it will be difficult if not impossible to create a meaningful marketing plan that will work for you.

Know Your Products and Services

Understanding how your products and services benefit and solve the problems of your audience will also help you know where to start with your marketing efforts. Does your audience know that they need what you have, or do you need to educate them?

It’s a case of doing the research, surveying your audience so that you know who your audience actually is, learn your products and services inside out so that you can evaluate where you stand today. This is necessary to ensure that you choose the best marketing goals for your business today and into the future. What works for you today will not work for your business tomorrow, everything evolves especially as more and more people use the same marketing tactics so you need to constantly review your marketing goals.

Are You Setting the Best Marketing Goals for Your Business?
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