Have you ever looked at a sales professional and thought to yourself, that person was just born to be a sales person. Would you say this about yourself or is becoming a true sales professional something you are struggling with?

While many people think that a certain types of people are born to work in sales, it’s not really a genetic quality preprogrammed into any of us. Becoming an awesome sales professional is a skill anyone can learn, with the proper direction and motivation.

One of the key ingredients to being great at sales is to enjoy sharing, great sales professionals share more than they sell. You also need to have the want and desire to be in this career path from the start. When you are interested and love what you do, your actions and enthusiasm come shining through and are contagious.

If you have already decided that sales is where you want to be and a career you want to pursue, you then need to make a commitment to yourself to develop your skills. This includes learning how to create a mindset for sales, learning how listen to your customers, learning how to ask the right questions and how to find the solution to your customer’s problems.

Some of the traits that successful sales people exhibit include:

  • Confidence
  • The art of listening
  • Knowing how to ask the right questions
  • Being motivated
  • Setting difficult goals
  • Going out of their way to get the job done

Once you start to learn these skills your chances of making it in sales increase, the more you learn the better you will become at sales. Your personality will also come into play and while you may be enthusiastic about your products, you must also learn when to tone things down. Some people do not like to be approached by loud, over the top people and will be turned off by this approach. You will see better results by approaching these prospects in a more discreet manner, that’s why it’s important to learn to read the signals people give off.

It takes time to develop these skills if you want to be a top performing sales professional, in fact I don’t think the learning process ever ends. You’ll know how to approach people and you’ll know how to ask probing questions that give you all the valuable information you need to help.

This is why rainmakers, powerful sales professionals, always seem to have no trouble in closing sales and finding new prospects. They have listened to the concerns of their customers and then taken the time to find them a solid solution that works and is in the best interests of the customer. Once they present this solution the deal becomes signed, sealed and delivered.

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When I'm not designing websites, doing this online marketing stuff or writing. I love nothing more than getting out on a weekend and scuba diving. I'm a qualified rescue diver and love getting wet in the waters around Perth and Rottenest Island. I also cycle, which must be a sight as I'm not the thinnest of people (lol)... and a paddle on a kayak or a swim helps makes most weeks, perfect. At home I have a marine reef tank, which I just love and on top of that I've an awesome dog, called Ziggy.

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