The business world is a cutthroat, dog eat dog environment. Each business is any given field is competing with every other business in that field for a finite amount of customers. Those customers represent sales and the sales convert into profit. If a business isn’t profitable, it starves and dies. The choice of words here is intentional, since the similarities between survival in the natural world and in the business world are remarkable.

In both the natural world and the business world, the law of natural selection is at work every day. The entities that are smarter, more efficient, quicker and stronger live to see another day. The entities that make mistakes, are afraid to take initiative, forget to protect their backs and simply can’t run fast enough become the fuel for the entities who do survive. If this sounds ruthless, it is.  To survive you have to want to survive. More so, you have to believe that you can survive.

If you fail to have enough confidence to believe in yourself, you will never survive in the business world. It’s that simple. In addition, if you have no faith or confidence in the products or services you are selling you will also fail. You need self-confidence, as well as a belief that what you sell is the best available in order to succeed.

People, like your customers, can sense confidence. As human beings, we have evolved to understand a myriad of non-verbal cues that operate on our psyches on a subconscious level. We used these cues in the past to survive. They helped us to determine who was a friend or who was an enemy. They are still operating on us today. Only know instead of helping us determine ally or foe, they help us determine who to trust and who not to trust.

When you believe in yourself and in what you do, people see it without you having to say a word. This self-belief then helps them to judge you positively as a person that they can trust. This trust, in turn, then becomes the basis for building a bridge of confidence that leads, in the end, to a sale.

Every successful salesperson understands this subconscious form of communication. They also understand that if they fail to believe in themselves, their potential customers will sense this and interpret the information as a reason not to develop trust. The end result is lost sales.

A Closer Believes That They Can Close the Deal
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