Confused about how exactly sales funnels work? You’re not alone, in fact, that’s the number one reason small business owners say they can’t get their funnels set up, they simply don’t know what to include and where.

At the very least, your sales funnel needs these three pages:

Sales Funnel Sales Page

As you can imagine this is a pretty important page and one that obviously comes first, as well as a sales page it is often called a landing page, or even a squeeze page. Its single purpose is to get the reader to take action. Whether that’s to purchase a product or enter their email address in exchange for a free eBook or gift, this is the gateway into your funnel. Everything that follows depends on this page, so you want to be sure you:

  • Include a clear call to action, “Buy Now” or “Click here to download this report for free”
  • Eliminate all distractions, this means no links to other websites or even a navigation bar
  • Address the audiences’ problems and show how your offer solves their problems

Sales Funnel Confirmation Page

Here’s where we ask the audience member to confirm their intent, for a sales funnel, this confirmation page might actually be your checkout page. It’s where they enter their payment details and the secret here is to ask for only the information you absolutely need because the more form fields you ask them to enter the less people will complete the form.

For a free offer, it’s simply the page your email management system directs them to next. It’s a holding page, if you will, while you wait for them to confirm their email address if you are using two stage authentication.

  • If you’re setting up a free offer type sales funnel, this page has great power, you don’t want to waste it!
  • Here is where you can offer an upset, remind people to follow you on social media, and give them a sneak peak at your other products and services.

Remember, though, that they will only see this page once, so don’t put anything here that they will need to refer back to. That’s what the thank you page is for.

Sales Funnel Thank You Page

This is where they actually find their downloadable eBook or product, or you will give them information about how your product will be delivered to them.

Like the confirmation page, this is valuable real estate, so you want to be sure you use it wisely. In addition to the downloadable item your customer just purchased (or opted in for) you also want to showcase your other offers, especially those at a slightly higher price point that bear some relationship to what they have already shown an interest in. Here’s why: the person looking at this page is a hot prospect. Their actions show they are already in a buying mood, so you want to be sure to take advantage of that by putting your most relevant offers on this page. To encourage buying, consider including:

  • A limited time offer – scarcity sells, so if you can legitimately limit sales to a few hours/days or number of units, then this is the place to do so, you often see countdown counters on such pages to reinforce the scarcity message.
  • A “no brainer” coupon offer – an insider’s only deal can be a powerful motivator, especially if it’s appears to be at an awesome price.
  • Extra bonuses – give them access to additional products or services if they buy through your link on that page. These should be bonuses that aren’t advertised on the public sales page for that product. Again an insider’s only deal which motivates.

Putting together a sales funnel isn’t complicated, or at least it doesn’t have to be. As your business grows and you have more products to offer, you can expand your funnel to include more upsells and downsells, but for now, the simple setup outlined here is really all you need to generate sales.

3 Pages Every Sales Funnel Must Have, And What To Include On Them!
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