Generating traffic is an important part of being online. You want as many targeted visitors you can get to your website so that they convert into buyers and customers. Traffic is your goal and your friend. Luckily, today there are a lot of ways to generate traffic that get great results. Let’s look at the top 12 traffic generating tools of today.

1. Social Media Contest Software

There are many different contest software available that you can use to create contests on your website and on social networks that will help you get a lot of traffic to your website. Here is some information about Facebook contests:

2. Social Media Scheduling Software

Social media scheduling software like can improve your content coverage over networks and drive traffic to your online real estate if you use it right. Don’t let automation make you skip engagement. Engagement is imperative.

3. Freebies, Opt-ins, Lead Magnets

Creating freebies, opt-ins, lead magnets or whatever you want to call them is a great way to generate traffic. If you create or find private label rights content (PLR) that works as a lead magnet that your audience really wants, you’ll attract a lot of new people. You’ll want to use social media, advertising, and more to spread the word about your freebie.

4. Affiliate Marketing

An amazing way that’s almost free to get traffic to your products is to start an affiliate program. You can start an affiliate program with software such as,,, and others. The reason this drives traffic so well is that you can create an army of people talking about your products all over the net, without ever paying a dime unless sales are made.

5. Social Media Share Plugins

You should make everything you do easy to share. Add a social media share plugin like Yoast SEO Premium to your WordPress website so that your visitors can share things they like and that you can share them more easily too.

Link –

6. Awesome, Relevant, Original Content

Of course, this is not really a tool as much as something you need to do. You need to provide plenty of well-researched content for your audience that is relevant to their needs and solves their problems. You can use a combination of types of content, including PLR to ensure that you have plenty.

7. Social Media Networks

Join social networks where your audience likely hangs out. Fill your feed with appropriate and relevant content for your audience so that they see it. Ensure that it links back to your website and landing pages.

8. Surveys

An interesting way to drive traffic to your pages, products, and solutions is to use surveys. There are many different survey options to try; look at to find out how to drive traffic by asking the right questions of your audience to know where to drive them to.

9. SEO Plugins

Another way to ensure that you drive traffic is to make sure that your website is up to par when it comes to proper on-page SEO. The easiest way to ensure that you do this right is to use an SEO plugin like Yoast SEO Premium. It will help you get your titles, headers, and keywords right.

10. Webinars

Another way to drive traffic is to host webinars on a regular basis. Today there is a lot of software you can use for this, but an inexpensive one to try that works great is There are a couple of different choices so you can fit your budget. Often, if you ask for a demo they will give you a discount to get you to sign up that day.

11. Press Releases

This is an old-fashioned tool that still packs a punch. You can send out press releases any time you want to, and you should each time you create a new product or have a new story to tell. You can learn how to automate a lot of this by using’s website.

12. Landing Pages

Sites with more landing pages do better in terms of traffic and sales than sites without them. A landing page is a specialized page that has a specific goal in mind when someone lands on it. You should get landing page software to help you automate a lot of this process and make it easier to track. Some choices to look at are,, and

These top 12 traffic generation tools should be used by anyone who wants to be successful online. Generating targeted traffic is an imperative if you want to create a thriving business online.

12 Traffic Generating Tools of Today
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