Get on the Telephone and Call Them via Voice Call

Building meaningful relationships offline with people you’ve met online requires that you take some decisive action. Let’s put it this way, get on the phone and call people that you want to build a relationship with offline. It’s easy and fun to do, once you get started.4 Collect Phone Numbers When you convert someone, ask for their phone number. Not everyone will provide it but for those who do, take

Ten Off-Page SEO Tips You Need to Know

Off-page SEO refers to search engine optimization practices that occur off your website. For example, it may occur on social media, in email marketing, sharing content, using influencers, and more. Since off-page SEO is so important, knowing the best way to use it is an important way to increase search results. Craft Interesting and Sharable Content When the content you place on your website is interesting and beautiful, people want

How to Get Personal with SMS and MMS Marketing

When you do mobile marketing, you are getting super-personal with your audience. After all, most people carry around their phones these days, even the toilet. How much more personal can you be? But, because of this you must be very careful not to appear robotic and impersonal. Let’s go over some ways to get personal with SMS and MMS marketing. Use Their Name When you collect the information, get their

Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

To develop any type of marketing strategy, the first thing you need to know is who your customer is. Today, customer-centric marketing strategies that focus on your customer of one is what works best. That includes your mobile marketing strategy. Optimize Landing Pages for Mobile If you’re going to use mobile marketing, it’s imperative that any landing page a mobile user goes to really works with the mobile device. If

Is SEO Still Relevant?

Let me start by saying that anyone that expects to hire a foreign SEO expert. And for these so called SEO experts to change some mysterious piece of code on the website and for that same website to then start appearing on the first page of Google. Well, these people fall into the category of a fool and his money are easily parted. SEO has evolved and changed from the

SEO Trends to Know

These trends are happening now and will become more and more common as technology improves, possibly going beyond anything we can imagine at this point. You have to remember what the internet was like just 20 years ago, just 10 years ago, and 5 years ago. Understand that technology grows exponentially, which means that with each passing day the change happens faster and faster. Voice Search With all the different

How to Get Your Business to Show in Local Search

Local search is important for your business if you want to do business with local people. This is often the case for service businesses, restaurants, and bricks and mortar local businesses. Regardless of why you want to appear in local search, if you follow this information you’re going to show up. The information that is important to local search is: Your business address Maps Telephone numbers Reviews Local directories Information

Ten Digital Marketing Tips for New Digital Marketers

When you’re new to digital marketing, you’re often overwhelmed with so much information that you can’t think straight. It probably feels really confusing because one guru says one thing and another guru says another. But, the first thing you need to know is that what has worked for years, still often keeps working today. Just because there are new tools, such as the Internet, it doesn’t change the foundation of

Is Print Marketing Dead?

It is true that businesses are spending less on print marketing than in the past. But, just because businesses are choosing to spend less marketing dollars on print does not mean that print marketing is dead. In fact, there are plenty of reasons your business may want to consider investing some of its marketing dollars into print marketing. Print Is a Top of the Funnel Medium You’re familiar with your


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