Content Marketing Should Be The Core Of Your Online Marketing

Content marketing is not new, it’s been around for hundreds of years however since Google changed it algorithms and search engine optimization companies stopped being able to easily manipulate the search engines, content marketing has become the new buzz.

Content marketing today online means the development in unique content specifically designed to engage your target audience. This not only engages your customers and helps convert more of them into customers it also has the added benefit of being liked and highly regarded by the search engines (Google)… with regular content updates your website will rank higher in the search engines attracting more and more visitors.

Use Long Tail Keywords In Your Content Marketing

Content Marketing Should Be The Core Of Your Online MarketingIf I was to ask you what keyword phrases you wanted your website to appear under, chances are you would know one or two of them. The problem is that not only do you know them but so does your competitors and everyone else in your industry. Now, what if I asked you to name all of the lesser known keywords, chances are you might guess at one or two but you wouldn’t know many. Now what if I was to tell you that if you were to combine all of the website visitors generated by these long tail keywords together you could easily generate much more highly targeted website visitors than those precious and highly fought after main keywords.

Content Marketing With FX Digital

Long tail keywords are were your buyers are at, we understand this and we utilize specialist software which analyses your website statistics looking for specific long tail keywords using a mathematical formula, these keywords which once identified are the best keywords for which to tailor your content towards as there is a gap in the market and your website is well positioned to gain visitors using these long tail keywords.

We can based on this research produce suitable articles which is added to your website to try and capture these long tail keyword visitors. As we do this month on month you generate more and more visitors, which are much more highly targeted than any other form of advertising, resulting in more and more leads and sales being generated.

Content Marketing Search Engine Optimization

It’s not quite as simple as simply writing an article and posting it, you need to take such an article and apply good search engine optimization techniques to it, to maximize the search engine indexing capabilities. We understand this and we even include specialist tools which aid all our clients in the administration area in this regard. This software tool will automatically analyze your article content and indicates what needs to be changed for good content marketing search engine optimization.

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