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What do I do

I help businesses identify realistic online goals and then I help them achieve these goals using website design, content and online marketing.

We’re constantly evolving as a business and just as the Internet changes so do the services we offer. For example as Google changes the way it indexes websites so we have implemented long tail keyword research and monitoring to help increase our customers search engine positioning.

To the lay person this is perhaps just geek speak, but to put it simply we are constantly adapting our services to help maximize the return on investment our customers experience.

We package these services up into what we call a maintenance package and it’s this package that delivers the real value, not just today but on an ongoing basis. As we aim to deliver continuous measurable growth for your business online.

It is this approach to the business that has helped us win many prestigious awards around Australia, including “the International Business Council of WA Award in recognition of an outstanding contribution to business benefiting Western Australia”

But our best reward is the success we achieve for our clients, to us that is the true measure of our success, and our clients come from the US, UK, Australia, Asia and all around the World.

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