In life and business, your core values should be the foundation and basis of the type of goals that you make. If they’re not, you probably won’t stick with the plan that you develop to reach the goals that you make. This is mostly because you won’t care about them enough to follow through, but let’s look at all the reasons.

What Are Core Values?

Why Your Goals Should Match Your Core ValuesCore values encompass the principles and standards of your character. They are stable and they are the reason why we believe what we do about life, business, and the world. It’s the lens through which we view ourselves and others. They guide our behavior, and help us identify what skills we should develop, goals we should make, and actions we should take to move forward in life.

Identifying Your Core Values

Write down what is important to you in life. Let go of what is right now and just think about your overarching reason for doing anything. For example, what is important to you? Is it being reliable? Is it loyalty? How about open-mindedness or justice for all? Understand that the core values have nothing to do with religion, but being religious might be one of your core values. So might not believing in a higher power. There are positive and negative core values, too – for example, you may have a core value that says people are powerless or that you don’t deserve to have good things.

Positive Versus Negative Core Values

There are personal values as well as corporate or business values too, so don’t think these only have to do with personal issues. For example, a business may decide that one of their core values is to commit to running a sustainable business. Perhaps they also have a core value of doing good, helping the less fortunate, or being excellent in all that they do. These are all important core values. The more you can focus on the positive core values, the better, but identifying potential roadblocks in negative core values you hold can help too.

Goal Setting and Core Values

To set achievable goals, first think about how a goal works with or against your core values. Therefore, it’s very important to identify core values that may be negative. You don’t really pick the core values you have; you just have them. But you can develop core values that are more positive if you make it a priority to rid yourself of negativity that may have been thrust on you by well-meaning parents or society.

Matching your core value and goals will ensure that you even want to achieve the goals that you set. It might mean that you change your business or life entirely. You can discover your core values by taking an online test. This will help you identify both positive and negative core values that drive you and/or block you from the success you want to achieve.

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Why Your Goals Should Match Your Core Values
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