Middle-aged women are often successful due to having worked so long to get where they are. They’ve been in the trenches, they’ve made all the mistakes, and now they’re reaping the benefits of their struggles.

They Know Who They Are

Most women by a certain age know who they are and what they like. They know how much or how little they’re willing to compromise or change for anything that they do.

They Speak Up

If you’ve already been through some life, you know that the world won’t end if you speak up. Even if no one else agrees with what they have to say, they have the experience to back it up. They know how to do it without seeming bossy or shrill too. (Hint: start with the positive and don’t complain about something if you don’t have the solution.)

They Work Hard for Their Money

Middle-aged women know how to get down in the trenches and do real work. They don’t just smile to look pretty and expect a million bucks to land on their laps. They get out there and work hard to be successful.

They Know Perfection Doesn’t Exist

Due to all the mistakes already experienced by women over 35, they know that nothing is ever perfect. Therefore they believe in doing your best and getting things done and fixing it later.

They Get Things Done

When you’ve been around the block for a while you can learn how to best get things done. You know the shortcuts, and you know the actions that really matter that ends up in good results of work done and a job well done.

They Know That the Gender You Are Doesn’t Matter

The truth of the matter is that women are just as capable as men and vice versa. Maybe women have to work harder to overcome some roadblocks, but when all is said and done that is just something created by society that can be overcome due to no factual basis.

They Know That Perception Is Everything

The fact is that you can be a total loser but if society and your audience see you as successful and amazing, you will be considered amazing. It’s important to live up to your promises, but remember that no one really knows what’s going on in your head. They only know what you present.

They’re Good at Outsourcing

Successful women know that they can’t do everything themselves. They know because they’ve already tried it. Therefore, they’re good at delegating tasks to others who are smarter than them in that area.

They Know How to Say No

Really smart women know when and how to say no. They don’t look back or feel guilty about it either. They know that they have only a certain amount of time for things, because they schedule everything and they say no with confidence.

Even if you’re not middle-aged yet, you too can be successful by learning from your mentors. If you are a successful middle-aged woman, share your success with younger women and help pull them up too.

Why Middle Aged Women Are So Successful
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